Caerula Mar Club a new standard in paradise – South Andros Bahamas

Caerula Mar Club

Caerula Mar Club on South Andros Island in the Bahamas brings a new level to the meaning ‘Five star’ boutique resort. The posh resort sprawls over 10 secluded acres of the most beautiful beach front property with five private villas and 18 clubhouse suites, heated pool, beach bar, five star dining, spa and gym.

The Caerula Mar Club experience is a dream destination and resort. The staff offer the utmost service you could imagine making you feel welcomed and at home. If it’s delicious drinks and food by the beach or pool, a picnic castaway, scuba diving, fishing, 5 star dining, every expectation of ‘barefoot elegance’ will be met.

Caerula Mar Club

Caerula Mar Club also is an ideal spot for a destination wedding or company events.

For those of you who you haven’t heard of Caerula Mar Club maybe this will help. It is the creation of husband and wife team Brian and Sarah Baeumler who ran across a deserted resort while boating through the Bahamas. The HGTV renovation stars purchased the hotel and made a TV show about its trials and tribulations called, ‘The Island of Brian’.

  • Bryan and Sarah Bauemler
  • Bryan and Sarah Bauemler
  • Bryan and Sarah Bauemler and children

The husband and wife general manager team Ron and Margarat Gratzinger run this resort like a well oiled machine. They almost can anticipate what your next desire is just like the TV show from the 70’s ‘Fantasy Island‘. Smiles everyone, smiles!

The couple went through many challenges, a hurricane, logistics in sourcing material to the Island and of course COVID-19. All that didn’t stop the Baeumler’s. They packed up their dream home in Toronto with their four children and got to work. Two years later while all six lived in a one room cottage on the resort property they were able to give us the perfect get away destination, the Caerula Mar Club.

Island of Brian cocktail
A delicious Caerula Mar Cocktail called ‘The Island of Brian’
You will thank us – Cheers!

Arriving at Caerula Mar Club

After a one hour flight Makers Air from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport we were met at Congo Town Airport in South Andros with a cold wash cloth and a bottle of cold water for the 5 minute drive to Caerula Mar Club. As we entered the resort we were greeted with smiles and a cool refreshing welcome drink. Check-in was a breeze, unlike some other resorts.

Caerula Mar Club villa

We were then offered a quick tour of Caerula Mar showing us the gym, spa, restaurant, cafe, bar and pool before we were brought to our stunning villa. As we walked it was impossible to take your eyes off the beautiful views of the beach and ocean. A quick change into our bathing suits and our toes were on the beach steps away from our villa.

Caerula Mar Club Hammock
Nothing like a relaxing Hammock. Welcome to Caerula Mar Club

Each room is decorated with elegance and taste. Plush beds to fall into with ocean waves crashing on the beach in the background. Sarah Baeumler out did herself designing every detail down to her signature fresh scented body lotions, shampoo and conditioner. Room rates start at $690 to $1290 in the low season (May through mid-November) High season $865 to $1,570 (Mid-November through end of April, excluding Holiday dates.) The resort is closed for seasonal maintenance between mid-August and mid-October annually.

Caerula Mar Club beach
Caerula Mar Club beach on South Andros, Bahamas

Five star dinning from Executive Chef, Sebastian Perez and his team of talented sous chefs create the most mouth watering dishes, each meal better than the next. A true foodies paradise.

Andros Island offers one of the best diving experiences in the world with the third largest coral reef which at some points can reach a stunning 75 feet deep. A shipwreck, Blue Holes which were formed during the ice age, marine life; sea turtles, rays, reef sharks, tropical fish are all on display in this beautiful body of water. The natives say the Blue Holes are where the mythical creature lives, called Lusca, half shark and octopus.

Blue Holes on South Andros
Caerula Mar Club Lusca Bar
Caerula Mar Club Lusca Bar – You can see the mythical creature on the back wall
kayaks and paddle boards
kayaks and paddle boards available at Caerula Mar Club

Caerula Mar Club activities, tours and excursions

Diving Andros Island Bahamas
Diving Andros Island Bahamas

Scuba diving is offered to non-certified divers as well as certified. All equipment is waiting for an ocean dive to a maximum of 12 metres ( 40 feet). Try it! diving will change your life!

  • dives starting at $199 ( certified divers only)
  • non certified dives start at $299 ( two hour pool session with their instructor to prepare you for buoyancy and skills needed to explore the extraordinary reefs
  • PADI Open water course certification course $989 ( able to dive with a buddy at any worldwide dive center More information can be found here
  • Snorkel adventures starting at $129 per person
Caerula Mar Club boating excursions
Caerula Mar Club boating excursions
  • Private boat charter Starting at $750 1/2 day (up to six people.)
  • Blue hole snorkelling and fishing. (if you wish you can ask the resort to pack you a custom picnic basket.) starting at $499
  • Bone fishing, starting at $500 for a 1/2 day
  • Group yoga or private lessons are offered
  • Paddle board yoga
  • Kayak or Paddle board adventures

Castaway Beach Excursion

A wonderful getaway excursion! Take a short boat ride to a secluded beach set up with a beach umbrella and chairs. You may add paddle boards and a picnic basket with alcohol beverages for an additional cost. First two guest start at $195 each (each additional person $20)

Kemps Bay Beach Excursion

A 25 minute drive from the resort and you will arrive at a 3 mile stretch of uninhabited white sandy beach, perfect for couples. A beach umbrella, chairs, picnic lunch and beverages (additional cost) will be set up for you. You set the time two, four hours or the whole day, it’s up to you.

Sunset / Evening boat cruise

A relaxing 1.5 hour leisure sunset cruise. Grab your favourite wine or cocktail from the resort and enjoy the view.

If you are looking for the true meaning of R&R and want to experience a true Bahamian Island lifestyle, Caerula Mar will meet every expectation. Welcome to ‘barefoot elegance’.

South Andros, Bahamas sunrise
South Andros, Bahamas sunrise

To book an unforgettable vacation at Caerula Mar Club click here, and remember smiles everyone, smiles!

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