the 2021-2026 digital signage trends to watch

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Taking a summary of the rise and growth of the digital sign display industry, there has been a lot of measurable consumer-business activity that has been tracked and studied. Thanks to these studies, we can now predict the digital signage display trends you should watch from now to 2026. Why are current studies only projecting up to 2026? It is because world supply and demand is still turbulent since the 2021 pandemic, and most analysts believe it will take until the year 2026 for things to fully stabilize. Technology is pretty sensitive to global supply and demand since very few pieces of technology have their parts sourced/manufactured from the same country.

The Online-Offline Reversal

As you know, the old trend was to take things people can do offline and offer them online. Entire industries have changed forever due to this. People are not walking into insurance brokerages anymore when they can compare the latest 100 policy providers online. However, there is a modern trend where online features are brought offline in an attempt to keep offline stores and services relevant.

Things like having digital signs display on-site bargains and deals has become pretty common, and they are especially effective when the same deals are not offered online. Technology sales have gone this direction in a very big way. Thanks to the 2021 pandemic, the new games console generation, and cryptocurrency, we have seen a massive demand for GPU processors that is simply not being met by supply. When companies get things like a PlayStation 5 in store, they are not going to risk posting it when there has been so much mail theft during this period. So, they display their stock on their digital signs, along with stock numbers, and people literally run in to buy them.

Continuing The Online-Offline Reversal

There are some businesses where footfall is necessary. For example, people having their hair cut will need to visit a location. The Internet has now made it so people can book online, pick their hair style online, and even pay online. However, companies are introducing digital signs and tablets so that people can pick hair styles, meals, add-ons and much more while they are in the store. When these are incentivized with on-site discounts, it helps to keep people coming into offline stores.

Waiting Room Trends Are Near Saturation Point

Bookies, stock traders, offline auctions, train stations, airports, and may chain retail stores are still predominantly using digital signs. Surveys say that they are the biggest users of digital signs and signage programs like Kitcast. However, an area where digital signs are growing very quickly in popularity are waiting rooms.

Waiting rooms for places like vets, doctor’s offices, and even garages, are seeing more and more digital signage. It is not just about calling people’s names who are next. Digital signs are also being used to promote in-house services, to offer public advice, and as entertainment for people who are waiting in the waiting room. Even physiotherapists and massage therapists are offering useful advice on their screens to help people manage their various medical conditions. By the year 2026, digital signs in waiting rooms will be just as common as ads on the sides of buses.

Two-Way Communication

There are already interactive digital signs in places like warehouse stores and fast food places like McDonalds. We are already seeing people picking things from menus on digital screens and then collecting them at the desk. However, the whole interactive medium is broadening even more. People are using QR codes from digital signs, they are interacting to find their way on digital-sign maps, and people are able to download apps that allow them to control digital signs. They can download apps and pay for their services using whichever digital sign is closest.

Rather than waiting in line to pay or order, people are doing it via digital signs with the use of touch-screen signs or by using their phones. People are even able to quickly snatch up deals from digital signs, and the signs alter their output. For example, when people place bids on items, you can see on the digital sign that the bid price went up. What’s more, as the trend continues, we are likely to see even more two-way communication with yet more sophisticated methods of information transfer.

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