Old Montreal PETERwHART Gallery offers free book with interactive tour!


Old Montreal PETERwHART Gallery – Montreal artist, Peter W. Hart, announces the launch of his free and interactive tours of his eponymously named gallery located in Old Montreal to the public. This innovative and personalized virtual tour allows for not only a one on one experience but also an incredible and safe activity of both education and entertainment during these difficult times.

The PETERwHART Gallery has been a cornerstone in the heart of the Old Montreal community for many years. “With the limitations on travel due to the pandemic, we kept hearing from people who were disappointed that they couldn’t visit our gallery”, says Francine Bellomo, Director of the gallery. “After a while we thought, ‘if people can’t visit the gallery, we’ll just bring the gallery to them’”.

Peter in action

The tours are live, completely interactive, and will be hosted by one of the gallery’s knowledgeable associates using the preferred virtual method each visitor prefers… i.e. Zoom, Facetime, Messenger etc. The goal is to bring the beauty and charm of the PETERwHART Gallery to visitors at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Peter W. Hart is a self-taught artist who fell in love with painting at the “ripe old age” of 39 while flipping through a book that included a reproduction of Degas’ “Dancers”. The painting awakened a surprise response that led to a sudden and intense passion for art – especially the works of the Impressionists.

“The play of light, as well as the use and juxtaposition of colors of the impressionist artists fascinated me”, says Hart. “I could not get enough of them and began traveling the world to study the originals. I was an intern studying with the greatest masters of all time and collecting inspiration from every painting I saw.”

To help kick off the virtual tours, The PETERwHART Gallery is giving away “Transposing Joy” to the first 100 virtual tours. This is Hart’s latest book, a 200-page, oversized chronicle of his latest paintings in big, beautiful pages filled with bold strokes and even bolder colors. Both abstract and nature scenes are represented using almost every color imaginable that seem to leap off the pages.

“The book is our way of giving back to the public that has been so kind and gracious to our gallery over the years”, says Bellomo. “The pandemic has been tough on all of us. It is our hope that by showcasing the beauty of Peter’s paintings it will help put a smile on someone’s face and make our days a little more cheerful.”

To book a virtual interactive tour simply send an email request to contact@PETERwHART.com

Please visit the website for more information

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