Montrealer Isabelle Stern – The making of a dance music star

Isabelle Stern

Montreal singer/songwriter Isabelle Stern has transcended a love for dance music into a budding recording career. The native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida – who has been living in Montreal since the age of four – got her start not in the recording studio, but in the TV studio. It all began in 2010, when she was a contestant on season three of the YTV competition reality show The Next Star, where she became a fan favourite as well as one of the show’s Top 6 of Canada. Appearances on the Next Star spin-off series SuperGroup and two appearances on the French language V Tele series L’echelle du Talent followed.

Isabelle Stern in studio

From there, Isabelle posted a number of videos in which she performed several of her favourite dance tunes, some of which have garnered well over seven million views. Last June, she released a remix cover of the song Secrets by DJ Regard featuring RAYE, which attracted over 1.5 million streams on Spotify.

Marcus Santoro & Isabelle Stern – It’s Not About You

And now, Isabelle just released her latest EP single It’s Not About You on the UK-based label Enhanced Music. Since its release last week, the single has received a great deal of positive feedback, and is being featured on Spotify and Apple Music (on its future and new dance hits section), plus being played on the Tomorrowland One World Radio.

“I love dance music because it plays to my extroverted, socialite nature. I like to be in the action and feed off the energy of what dance music brings,” she said in a recent phone interview. “And when there’s a lot of good vocals, the song creates an ambiance that reverberates with the listeners that stands out and gives them a good feeling that wants them to get out on the floor and dance.” She added that she is influenced by R&B music, especially the vocal styles of singers Alicia Keys and Christina Aguillera.

Isabelle Stern

The opportunity to team up with Australian DJ Marcus Santoro to record It’s Not About You marked a milestone in Isabelle’s young career in the music industry. “This was the first time I got to record an original song; in fact, Marcus reached out to me first and when he did, I jumped up and down in excitement. He has so much experience and connections in the music industry, and to me, that collaboration was a key factor towards credibility,” she said.

You’ve Done Enough – Gorgon City, DRAMA (Isabelle Stern)

With the rapid and early success of her new recording, Isabelle is beginning to take in this new world that is music industry, especially how her work is starting to create an impact with fans around the world. “It’s paving the way for me as to how to be a recording artist,” she said. “However, right now I don’t have an album in the works. I prefer to release EP singles, as well as build more of a name for myself and develop a following. To me, patience is very important. It’s the quality of the work that matters to me.”

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