Choosing your Paris flight: Montreal vs. Toronto

Paris flight

Traveling to the City of Love, Paris, has always been a dream for many globetrotters. With its iconic landmarks, rich history, and delectable cuisine, it’s no wonder why this enchanting destination continues to be on the bucket list of countless travellers. If you’re planning a trip from Canada to Paris, you’ll likely find yourself comparing flight options from major cities like Montreal and Toronto. In this blog post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of round-trip flights from Montreal to Paris and the selection of flights from Toronto to Paris, helping you make an informed decision for a memorable journey.

Paris Flight

Round-Trip flights from Montreal to Paris


1. Direct Flights: Many airlines offer direct round-trip flights from Montreal to Paris, which can save you precious travel time and minimize layovers, ensuring a smooth and convenient journey.

2. Seasonal Deals and Discounts: Depending on the time of year, airlines frequently offer seasonal deals and discounts on round-trip flights from Montreal to Paris, making it a budget-friendly option for savvy travelers.

3. Multiple Departure Options: With Montreal being a major hub, you’ll have a wide selection of departure times to choose from, allowing you to find a flight that perfectly fits your schedule.

4. Lesser Travel Time: Direct flights from Montreal to Paris generally have a shorter travel time compared to connecting flights from other cities. This means less time spent waiting at airports and more time exploring your dream destination.


1. Limited Seat Availability: Since round-trip flights from Montreal to Paris are highly popular, securing seats during peak travel seasons may be challenging. It’s advisable to book well in advance to ensure availability.

2. Price Fluctuations: The prices of direct flights from Montreal to Paris can vary significantly depending on the season and demand. If you’re not flexible with your travel dates, you might end up paying a higher fare.

3. Fewer Airline Options: While Montreal does have multiple airlines operating flights to Paris, the options may still be more limited compared to larger international airports like Toronto.

Paris Flight

Selection of flights from Toronto to Paris


1. Increased Flight Options: Toronto Pearson International Airport, being the largest and busiest airport in Canada, offers a plethora of flight options to Paris from various airlines. This allows you to have more choices regarding airlines, departure times, and fares.

2. Potential for Lower Fares: Due to the intense competition at Toronto’s airport, you may come across more competitive fares and exclusive deals on flights to Paris, especially if you are flexible with your travel dates.

3. Stopover Opportunities: While some travelers see layovers as an inconvenience, others view them as an opportunity to explore a new city during their journey. Flights from Toronto to Paris often have layovers in European cities, offering a chance to add another destination to your itinerary.


1. Longer Travel Time: Flights from Toronto to Paris usually involve layovers, resulting in longer travel times compared to direct flights from Montreal.

2. Connection Challenges: Although rare, there’s always a slight risk of missed connections during layovers, which could lead to delays and potential disruptions in your travel plans.

3. Popular Routes Sold Out: Since Toronto is a bustling travel hub, some of the most sought-after routes might be sold out quickly, leaving you with fewer options if you haven’t booked early.

Exploring additional factors for your decision

Beyond the direct flight and layover considerations, there are other factors to contemplate when choosing between Montreal and Toronto for your Parisian adventure.

1. Departure Location: For travelers residing in Quebec, flying from Montreal might offer the advantage of avoiding the hassle of additional domestic flights or long drives to Toronto. However, if you’re already in or closer to Toronto, departing from there might be more convenient.

2. Airport Amenities: Toronto Pearson International Airport boasts a vast array of amenities, including diverse dining options, shopping outlets, and lounges, making layovers more comfortable and enjoyable.

3. Airline Alliances: Research airline alliances to leverage frequent flyer programs and loyalty benefits, which can significantly impact your travel experience and future savings.

4. Weather Considerations: During winter, weather conditions in Montreal may affect flight schedules more than those in Toronto, potentially influencing your choice of departure city.

5. Exploring Layover Cities: If you’re open to a brief stopover, flights from Toronto might allow you to explore European gems like London, Amsterdam, or Frankfurt before reaching Paris.


Ultimately, whether you choose round-trip flights from Montreal to Paris or opt for a selection of flights from Toronto to Paris, the decision should align with your preferences, budget, and travel schedule. If you prioritize direct travel, Montreal might be the better choice. On the other hand, if you seek more flight options and potential cost savings, Toronto could be the way to go.

Whichever route you choose, one thing remains certain – the allure of Paris will captivate you from the moment you arrive. Bon voyage!

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