Toronto Airport not speaking enough French – Official Languages commissioner


Toronto Pearson Airport has been found that they are not providing the proper obligations towards French speaking customers.

Official Languages Commissioner Raymond Theberge has stated that the Toronto Pearson Airport has failed to provide services to travellers in both official languages, as required by law.

” Eight complaints have been received sine July 2017 and March 2018 about a lack of service in French, In each offence airport employees were unable to offer information to travellers in French.” said Commissioner Raymond Theberge.

Some offences of the Toronto Pearson Airport staff are the following:

One traveller had problems with their declaration form and asked for assistance in French and was answered in English.

Another traveller was confronted by an angry employee of the Toronto Pearson Airport and answered a French question in an infuriated English tone.

The Toronto Pearson Airport stated that all their employees should be in a position to answer any questions in both official languages, English and French and they are reminded to do so on a daily basis.

Official Languages Commissioner Raymond Theberge has given the Toronto Pearson Airport 18 months to offer basic French training to airport staff who deal with travellers.

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