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Rue Sainte-Anne’s restaurants deliver 245 meals to Lakeshore Hospital


When Jim Beauchamp, owner of Cunningham’s Pub in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, heard about a business man who donated 5000 meals to hospital workers at the MUHC just a few weeks ago – it inspired him to do something special. Jim, who is president of the Business Association of Sainte-Anne (part of the SDC), soon put the word out to restaurant and business owners. They got together and decided to do something special for health staff at the Lakeshore General Hospital – where dedicated and exhausted staff have been facing some of the hardest challenges during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Lakeshore Hospital Health Care workers holding up a meal from Cunninghams

He asked everyone to make lunch meals and created a list of what everyone would do. Not only were restaurant owners involved, but also other businesses like clothing stores, a print shop and even a rugby club. They helped out by raising money or even making homemade meals. Given how businesses and restaurants are struggling, with many closed right now – the gesture was above and beyond generous. It was heartfelt – and in the end, over 245 lunches were delivered to the hospital. The meals included Deli Sandwiches, Pizzas, Greek and Spanish food, homemade Indian meals and more.

Chef Peter Webster from Bouquet Garni Catering

“It was great seeing the doctors, nurses and staff faces when we brought the food in….way to go Sainte-Annes….together as one!” Jim wrote on his Facebook page. “It was the smile on their faces…” he said when I spoke with him. “Just try to be kind… take an hour and just try to be nice to someone,” is a message he wants to convey to everyone.

Alex from Peters Cape Cod

A post on the Rue Ste Anne facebook page reads, “Today, a strong message of solidarity was sent from St Anne’s restaurants and businesses to our guardian angels who work at Lakeshore General Hospital providing them with more than 245 meals. We would like to thank everyone involved in this beautiful project…”. ‘Kudos’ go out to the restaurants, businesses and club that participated in this initiative:

Ste Anne-de-Bellevue Restaurants and participating businesses:

  • Cunninghams Pub
  • Olé
  • Café T.W.I.G.S.
  • Phoenix Bar / Restaurant Basile
  • Peter’s Cape Cod
  • The Old Post Office
  • Bouquet Garni Catering
  • Resto Pub Bord’Eaux
  • The Business Box
  • Sainte Anne de Bellevue Rugby Football Club
  • Pragai Couture
  • Violet angel pizza artisanale
  • La Turquoise Boutique Ste Anne

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