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Quebec minimum wage is going up


A little more money is about to be added to the pockets of Quebec minimum wage earners. Jean Boulet, the CAQ’s Minister of Labour, Employment and Social Solidarity announced on Wednesday that the province’s minimum wage will increase by $0.60 an hour on May 1st 2020, bringing it to $13.10 an hour – a 4.8% increase benefitting approximately 409,000 people in Quebec. Calling it a ‘liveable wage’, the increase comes one year after it was hiked by $0.60 to $12.50 an hour. It is part of the CAQ’s campaign promise to increase the minimum wage each year towards a goal of $15 an hour in 2023. However, a coalition representing close to 200 labour groups and unions in the province said that $13.10 is not enough. They were calling for it to be increased to $15 this year, not by 2023.

In Quebec, the average hourly wage as of 2018 was $24.92 per hour, below Canada’s national average of $27.70 – leaving the province with one of the lowest incomes per capita in the country. Minister Boulet said that ‘the rise will increase workers’ buying power and reduce poverty rates while respecting businesses’ financial capabilities without hindering their competitiveness.’ Given an average of 35 hours per week, the May 1st increase would add up to $21 a week per employee. Depending on the circumstances, it might not be significant enough for many people and for others, perhaps well received. How does Quebec’s minimum wage compare to the all the other provinces in Canada? According the (RRC) Retail Council of Canada‘s latest 2019 statistics, they are as follows:

– Alberta $15.00

– British Columbia $13.85

– Manitoba $11.65

– New Brunswick $11.50

– Newfoundland & Labrador $11.40

– Northwest Territories $13.46

– Nova Scotia $11.55

– Nunavut $13.00

– Ontario           $14.00

– Prince Edward Island $12.25

– Saskatchewan $11.32

– Yukon $12.71

By: Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca

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