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Moishes closes after 82 years


Moishes’, the iconic steakhouse on the Main for over 82 years, will not be reopening at its 3961 Saint Laurent Blvd location, after being closed since the pandemic began. They do intend to reopen at another location however, when and where is not yet known. Founded by Moishe Lighter in 1938, who emigrated from Romania, it was first called called the ‘Romanian Paradise’ and changed to Moishes near the beginning of the Second World War.

Moishes ribeye-steak

In an area known for its Jewish population when it first opened, its menu was tailored to the residents of the neighbourhood. Romanian cuisine had a strong impact and they offered European-style staples, but it quickly became a popular place for Montrealers of all backgrounds. Moishes has attracted many celebrities over the years, the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Sharon Stone, Paul Newman, Robert De Niro, Celine Dion and more. Today, many of Moishes products such as their famous pickles and coleslaw, as well as their popular steak spice, can be found at major supermarkets across Canada. Moishe’s son Lenny Lighter said the steakhouse will reopen at another location, at some time. Until then, it will be missed by many.

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