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Humpback whale seen in Montreal


Just a day after a moose was seen in a backyard pool in Ottawa and wayward humpback whale was spotted in the waters of Montreal yesterday afternoon, (Saturday May 30, 2020).

The humpback whale was first spotted by the Jacques Cartier Bridge jumping the out of the water with Montreal amusement park, LaRonde in the back ground.

Humpback whale seen in Montreal by Jacques Cartier Bridge

Experts in Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network are unclear as to why the humpback whale strayed so many kilometres away from its usual habitat. They are also not sure as to how long the whale will stick around before heading back to its normal habitat.

The humpback whale seems to be healthy and very strong and is still trying to swim up stream however is having a difficult time fighting the strong current of the ‎Saint Lawrence Seaway.

The humpback whale will hopefully turn around soon and head back to its home in Tadoussac or the Gaspe.

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