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Nespresso is now recycling their coffee cups into bicycles


Nespresso recently partnered up with the Swedish bicycle company Vélosophy to create a stylish bike, made from 300 recycled aluminum Nespresso coffee cups. This new partnership was announced last week during a wellness retreat organized for the press by the popular and distinguished coffee brand at Le Germain Hôtel & Spa Charlevoix, recognized for its strong well-being and eco-friendly offer.

Our Journalist with the Nespresso bike at the media launch in Charlevoix

Nespresso recycling coffee cups into bicycles

By this offensive, Nespresso wanted to remind its clientele that their coffee cups are made in aluminium, therefore recyclable again and again.  Considering the wide variety of items that are made in aluminium, the limited edition of the “Nespresso bicycle” represents an icon of circular economy. Among others creations made to raise awareness for coffee lovers, using recycled aluminium Nespresso cups, Vélosophy was able to reimagine a bike model in a vibrant violet colour, inspired by the popular Arpeggio coffee cup from Nespresso. The bike also feature other creative touches inspired by Nespresso such as : a bell-shaped capsule and a basket featuring a coffee cup holder to enjoy coffee on the bike path. Light, easy to carry and to manoeuver, this bike, that has been tested by our editorial team, is both stylish, eco-friendly and fun.

The bike features a coffee-cup holder and a capsule-shape bell

A thousand RE: CYCLE bicycles will be available for sale exclusively on the online trading platform of Velosophy, velosophy.cc.if ever you are interested in owning one of these limited-edition Nespresso bikes. 

by Catherine Maisonneuve for the Montreal Times


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