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Business travel to Alaska – What to expect during your stay


Business travel to Alaska – Alaska is a beautiful American state with scenic land and seascapes, snow-capped mountains, and vegetation that will capture your heart. Many people who travel to Alaska are often shocked by how big the state is. It is such a diverse place with many different treasures to discover every day. Even if you are traveling for business, here are some things you should know and what to expect while in Alaska.

  1. It is full of diverse landscapes

This beautiful state is divided into five regions: The Far North, the Interior, the South-Central, the Southeast, and the Southwest. These five regions make up Alaska’s scenery, which ranges from flowers blooming in the tundra, rain forests, desert regions, valleys where Alaska’s gold rush took place, and many of the highest mountain peaks in the country. Glaciers also feature in the state’s landscape, and you can visit them via helicopter. Take advantage of these snowed glaciers and go for a heli-skiing Alaska tour. It is a wonderfully different experience.

Business travel to Alaska
  • Traveling there is not as hard as you think

As remote as the state might seem, there are plenty of airlines that fly into either Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport or Fairbanks International Airport. There are also other transportation options available such as by cruise or road. Once you get to Alaska, there are smaller charter flights to get you to the more remote villages and other inaccessible areas.

  1. Driving is not your only option

Unless you decided to road trip to Alaska, driving is not the only way you can get around. Having your own car does grant you freedom,, making stops wherever and whenever you want. You can rent a car or an RV, although the price of gas is about half a dollar more than the national average. If you do not want to drive, there are many options available such as taking bus tours or train travel. Whichever mode you choose, you are sure to get some breathtaking views along the way.

  1. It is not always snowing 

It is essential to know when to visit Alaska. Most people visit during summer or eh shoulder seasons, which may include the months of May and September. For instance, in July, the average temperature in Anchorage is about 65 degrees, while Sitka is known to average about 60 degrees. Once you venture into interior Alaska and visit places like Fairbanks, temperatures can rise to up to 80 degrees. The kind of weather you find depends on where and when you decide to visit.

  1. The high cost of living makes visiting Alaska a bit more expensive

With the current economic state, the cost of living in Alaska is higher than what you are used to or expect. This is because almost all things have to be shipped in. This means gas, food, and even accommodation costs more, but you can always find deals if you look closely. 

Visiting Alaska is a great way to experience a remarkably diverse and culturally rich state. Even if you are there for business, don’t fail to take advantage of the opportunity and see some of these attractions. 

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