Six legit ways to start earning money streaming on Twitch


Twitch is a live-streaming platform that allows gamers to participate in gameplays posted by streamers actively. It also gives room for lifestyle casters broadcasts. Streamers create channels, post video games, and get followers and views—users benefit by having fun during the games and acquire creative gaming skills from the streamers’ performances. Twitch has grown to be the most popular streaming platform worldwide.

Twitch provides many opportunities to help streamers earn a commission. Viewers facilitate the earnings of the streamers by purchasing games via links on the channels. Apart from views and followers, popular streamers can earn a living by getting small payments from subscriptions, donations, marketing, winning prizes, and professional costs. You can purchase Twitch followers and views to get more subscriptions and sponsorships on the website and increase your earnings

Below are some legit ways of earning money from video games streaming and lifestyle broadcasts on Twitch and ice casino.

      I. Twitch affiliate and partners pPrograms

When streamers create a Twitch Streaming account, they are provided with option programs to join to earn from their Twitch Affiliate programs allow streamers to make from subscriptions, selling games, and in-gaming items and earn money from Bits paid by people. Twitch Partners Programs generates extra revenue via monthly subscriptions. Requirements for these programs are frequent streaming for at least eight hours in 30days, getting at least three viewers per stream, and increasing your users to 50 followers. You can earn a good amount of money from streaming if you qualify and join Twitch Affiliate and Partners Programs.

    II.  Twitch subscriptions

Earning from Twitch Subscriptions is the most common way to make money by video game streaming.  It provides recurring monthly income to streamers on their channels and has a 50/50 split of revenue with Switch. The only requirement has atleast 50 followers.  You can encourage your gamers to renew their subscriptions by allowing their names to pop up on the games.

  III. Marketing games and in-game items

Twitch allows streamers to trade game and in-gaming items from their channel pages or website and receive 5% of the purchase revenue. Twitch makes a sales box appear at the bottom of the screen when a streamer is playing a game or an in-game item on sale. If a viewer clicks on it to purchase, you automatically receive the 5% revenue if you register in Partner Programs.

 IV. Trading merchandise

Merchandise, in this case, can be any item that can be branded and traded by the streamers. Selling Merchandise is profitable and fast if the streamer is popular on Twitch. Having millions of followers and viewers increases your market. If your viewers are willing to buy your customized items, you will have a significant percentage of purchases, e.g., t-shirts, coffee mugs, Hoodies, capes, etc. You can include links on your video screens directing your fans to your online store. Partners Programs have a Twitch t-shirt store that allows streamers in Partner to sell their customized t-shirts in the store. This way, you can make money while streaming.

   V. Sponsorship

Twitch has loyal and enthusiastic viewers who consistently follow their preferred gamers. When such viewers notice a popular gamer growing fast in Twitch, they provide sponsorship to the streamer in marketing. It can be the streamer wearing a company’s customized t-shirt or cape or mentioning its name during a live stream. An increase in the streamer’s audiences is advantageous to the brand being marketed. Gaming companies benefit from sponsorship. The firm decides on returns for their sponsorship Money.

VI. Video ads

Partner Programs in Twitch allow streamers to run video ads on their streams. Broadcasters select the time interval for displaying the ads as long as it adheres to the commercial rules and doesn’t exceed 3 minutes. Twitch pays on a cost per 1000 views (Cost Per Mile). CPM varies throughout the year. Gaming companies pay more for ads on holidays and festive seasons. Streamers choose from pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll ads.


Twitch creates a variety of monetized opportunities to perform. Streamers make a living with the revenue and commission earned from sponsorship, affiliate links, donations, subscriptions, Partners Programs, etc. The list is endless. All you have to do is create a streaming account, earn many followers and viewers, and start earning money from any of the listed ways.

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