Why you need a VPN in Quebec


Quebec is the largest province in Canada and one of the most unique. The province has its own distinct culture and history, and it is home to the French-speaking population of Canada. Quebec is a beautiful province, and it is filled with natural wonders and exciting places to explore. Quebec is worth considering if you are looking for a unique and different travel destination.

Privacy in Quebec

Quebec is also an important business centre with a steady flow of visiting businesspeople. This article examines essential security concerns for those living in or visiting Quebec.

Canadians are used to thinking of the government as protecting their privacy. Still, the federal government is one of the most prominent players in the growing electronic spying industry.

The country is home to five of the six largest internet surveillance companies. The Canadian government has been collecting data on Canadians without their knowledge or consent for years.

For years, the Canadian government has gathered massive amounts of information on its citizens. The NSA is one of the most prominent players in this field. Still, in Canada, you have five of the top six internet surveillance companies: Telus, Bell, Rogers, Shaw and Koodo.

The Reality of Internet Tracking

These companies use a combination of cell phone tracking and internet usage records to identify potential terrorists. But these records could just as easily track and identify innocent members of the public and executives working in critical sectors such as finance.

The Canadian authorities closely monitor cross-border crypto activity with the growth of blockchain currencies and assets. You must be particularly vigilant if you are involved in these sensitive areas.

National Security Agency and the Five Eyes intelligence alliance.

 It is vital to remember that Canada is a member of the Five Eyes intelligence alliance and the UK, United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

This formidable intelligence organisation was created after World War 2. They continue to track people to monitor them, especially when they think they may be carrying out criminal activities. Edward Snowden criticised the Five Eyes intelligence agencies. He said they don’t know anything about the laws of their countries.

If you live in Canada, be aware that it’s a member of the Five Eyes Alliance, a group of countries that regularly monitor their citizens for suspicious activities. Canadian law enforcement agencies perform strict surveillance on people, like if you download a large file from a torrent site or share a file with a friend. You shouldn’t tell anyone who visits your computer where you live; if you can, use an incognito browser.

As of March 2013, the government stored all metadata—the location of cell phone calls, email traffic, and other internet activity—for two years. In addition to collecting and storing all of this data, the government has also spent over $ 2 million to improve its own ability to read it.

Fighting Against Government Intrusion

It’s difficult to explain how invasive this government surveillance is. The most obvious example is that the government tracks every citizen’s location and movements.

Against this backdrop of government surveillance, more and more astute people in Quebec have recognised the value of using a Quebec VPN service to shield themselves against unwarranted intrusions into their online activity.

What is VPN?

VPN is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. You can also call it a virtual private network. It is a connection between a client and a server where the server is usually located in one place, and the client is in another.

The connection is encrypted, and the data is sent between the client and the server in encrypted packets. The information is also called secure data. There are several types of VPNs based on the type of encryption used.

VPN was first used in the military to make secure communication between people in different countries. Nowadays, it is used for almost everything: connecting two computers, connecting two mobile phones, connecting two routers, etc.

Suppose you are an employee and want to use the company’s network from home, or you want to use the company’s server from your office. In that case, you need to connect to the server via VPN. This way, the company will not know that you are using the server from home.

Personal security

If you want to hide your IP address, you need a VPN. Your location is shown in your IP address. Your location will be shown as the city or state if you access the web from your office and in a public WIFI hotspot.


If you are a torrent user and don’t want to show your IP address to anyone, then you need to use a VPN. With a VPN, you can access the internet anonymously.

The other main reason people use a VPN in Quebec is to access streamed TV entertainment that is ‘geo-locked’, such as Netflix, just over the border. Also, if you are a Francophile, watch the nightly news on TF1 in France.

This is only possible if your computer-s IP address is shown as a local French IP. With just the click of a mouse and a robust VPN and ¨voila, ¨ the transmission is unlocked for you. This is one of the main reasons that VPN usage has increased in recent years.

You might be a visiting businessman regularly commuting from the USA into Canadian territory. Why should you find access blocked for all your favourite TV shows and films? Indeed, once you install a VPN, you will wonder how you will ever go by without one.

Identity Theft

In recent years, Canada’s crime rate has been on the decline. However, certain types of crime, such as violent crime and drug related crime, continue to be a problem in some parts of the country. Overall, Canada has a lower crime rate than many other industrialized countries, but there are still areas where crime is a serious concern. The other major criminal increase has been in identity theft.

Identity theft is one of the most common crimes in Canada. Identity theft is a crime in which a person steals her identity and uses it without your permission. Identity theft is one of the biggest problems today. You need to know how it happens to avoid a bad situation. VPN is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself from this modern hazard.

Perhaps you have read in the press the scary cases of cyber attacks where a PC can be locked remotely by a criminal gang that force the PC owner to pay substantial fees to unlock their device. A VPN will prevent the planting of ‘Ransomware’ onto your machine. Quebec might seem like a low-crime region, but cyber crimes are increasing everywhere since it is not geographically static. 

Your cyber attacks might be in Russia or Romania or sitting in the same bar as you monitor your PC over an insecure public wifi network.

So, with mounting concerns of covert government monitoring and devious and costly cyber crimes, it is evident that a VPN in Quebec is a true no-brainer.

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