COVID-19: Myths and facts on protecting yourself


The number one way to protect yourself from the Coronavirus is by washing your hands on a regular basis. COVID-19: Myths and facts on protecting yourself:

Best protection from COVID-19

Keeping your hands clean and not touching your face is the best protection from getting infected. Using hand soap is the number one killer of the coronavirus.

Using hand sanitizer is also effective if you can not use soap. However sanitizer must have 60 per cent alcohol. The alcohol is what kills the virus. Please check your sanitizer because if it does not have over 60 per cent alcohol it will just dry the virus on your hands.

When washing your hands with soap or sanitizer make sure to wash your finger nails, each finger, both sides of your hands, all the way past your wrists.

COVID-19: Myths and facts on protecting yourself

Do face masks protect you from COVID-19

Wearing a paper face mask will protect other people if you have a cold, cough or sneeze.

Most experts say that a paper face mask will not protect you from the coronavirus because the main way people are catching the virus is by touching their face, mouth, eyes or nose.

There is a better mask on the market called the N95 which has a firmer exterior. This mask will protect you if it is used properly.

COVID-19: Myths and facts on protecting yourself

Do disposable gloves protect you from COVID-19

Wearing disposable gloves can protect you but please keep your guard up. Many people thing they are protected wearing the glove and without thinking people touch their face. Plus when removing the gloves you can also contaminate yourself so please make sure you wash your hands with soap after wearing disposable gloves.

Do vitamins protect you from COVID-19

Some people think boosting your immune system with vitamins or supplements will protect themselves and ward of the coronavirus.

Experts have said the best way of protecting yourself is by staying well rested and drinking large amounts of fluid. The main thing that lowers your immune system is being tired, stressed out and dehydrated.

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