Purple gemstones: Meaning and properties


Luxury, elegance, intelligence, and many metaphysical characteristics are crammed into a single category known as “Purple Gemstones”. Collectors prize these bright crystals as stones of spiritual healing, amulets for mysticism, and natural knowledge.

However, the luscious purple tone lends a touch of elegance and sophistication to your crystal jewelry collection. Furthermore, purple stones and crystals strengthen your crown and third eye chakras, which aid in attaining greater awareness.

Types of Purple Gemstones

Purple Diamond

Purple Diamonds

No list of magnificent gemstones would be complete without including the most well-known stone of all: the diamond.

Diamonds are available in a variety of colors, including purple. Substantial quantities of hydrogen must be present throughout the creation process to make a purple diamond. As a result, purple diamonds are among the world’s rarest colored diamonds. A single-carat purple diamond may usually cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The darker the shade of purple, the greater the grade of the diamond. While finding purple diamonds is rare, some of the names given to different tints of the purple stone include lilac, orchid, grape, and lavender.

Purple diamonds are usually found in Russia and Australia, although they have lately been identified in Canada as well. Here are the most famous purple diamonds.

Purple Orchid

An unnamed South African mine revealed one of the largest purple diamonds ever unearthed. The Purple Orchid diamond was initially displayed in 2014 at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair.

“A genuine piece of beauty,” the Royal Purple Heart has been termed. It is, however, shrouded in mystery. It’s a stunning vibrant purple heart-cut stone weighing a whopping 7.34 carats. The Julius Klein Diamond Corporation is in charge of cutting the stone and enhancing its radiance.

Supreme Purple star

The Supreme Purple star, also known as “The King Of All Purple Diamonds,” first appeared in London in 2002. When seen from various angles, it might seem purple or red. This is the first known diamond with two colors occurring in an unusual pattern.


Amethyst is the commonest purple gemstone. This stone was formerly regarded as equally valuable as rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. Amethyst stones were highly valued until vast reserves were discovered in Brazil when they became more common and accessible.

Amethyst comes in various purple colors, with the deepest tones considered the greatest grade. Because the color combines nicely with neutral and colorful tones, these jewels are often used in jewelry. Surprisingly, if amethyst is exposed to intense sunshine for an extended period, its color might fade.

Amethysts are strong enough to last, but they take a lot of care to keep their color and luster. However, these valuable stones may last a lifetime if properly cared for.

The Meaning and Properties of Amethyst

Amethyst is derived from the Greek word ametusthos, meaning “not drunk.” According to legend, the purple gemstone may protect its possessor from intoxication and overindulgence. St. Valentine was said to have worn a purple amethyst ring with an etching of Cupid on it. Today, the purple stone commemorates Valentine’s Day and is the birthstone for February.


Iolites are highly prized purple gemstones. Iolites are bright stones that come in beautiful blue-purple hues. They are stunning, rivaling the beauty of more costly, highly valued stones like sapphires or tanzanite. They are, nevertheless, undervalued owing to their abundance.

If hit with force or dropped, iolite is prone to chips and cracks. Regardless, it’s a hard stone that works well with any jewelry. When placed in rings, iolite should be protected by a bezel or halo molding.

Iolite sparkles and has a stunning brightness about it. As a result, it works well in jewelry that catches the light, such as rings and earrings.

Iolite is also known as Cordierite, after the French mineralogist Pierre Antoine Cordier. Iolite, also known as Dichroite, is derived from the Greek word for “two colors.” This stone seems to have more than one shade of purple in it from certain angles.

Meaning and Properties of Iolite

The name iolite is derived from the Greek word ‘ios,’ which signifies violet. Iolite is connected with travel, adventure, and light because of its changing violet-blue hues. The ‘Viking’s Compass’ is another name for iolite.

According to legend, Viking seafarers used iolite to assist them in sailing their ships on the high seas. They would discern the sun’s direction using a small piece of iolite as the world’s first polarizing filter to guide them on their path.


Although most people identify sapphire with blue gemstones, purple sapphires are far rarer and more costly. Purple sapphires develop when elements like chromium are present during the formation process. People often mistake sapphires for amethysts, although the former is harder and more durable. Purple sapphires come second to diamonds in terms of durability. They are exceptionally resistant to breaking and chipping.

Most sapphires on the market have been heat-treated to improve their color and clarity. However, purple sapphires are seldom treated because of their stunning natural color.

Purple sapphires, because of their exceptional inherent resilience, may be utilized in a wide range of jewelry, from rings that are readily knocked about to earrings that seldom move.

The Meaning and Properties of Sapphire

Purple sapphire is renowned as the “stone of awakening,” It is thought to boost spiritual force and awareness. Purple gemstones represent knowledge and astuteness, giving those who wear their good fortune and spiritual understanding.

The stone was supposed to protect people close to you from danger throughout the Middle Ages. Sapphire is a protective stone that also represents loyalty and trust.

Purple Jasper

Jasper is mainly recognized as a blue gemstone. However, it is also found in many colors of purple. The fact that jasper has a unique matrix of patterns and veins distinguishes it from other gemstones. Purple jasper is a chalcedony family gemstone that is scarcely faceted.

Purple jasper is created by combining blue and red jasper, which is why it has such a warm color. Because of its striking color, this valuable stone is often used in statement pieces and exquisite jewelry. It is commonly known that it is utilized in the jewelry of some of the world’s most affluent royals.

Purple Jasper Properties and Meaning

Given the stone’s frequent usage by royal jewelers, purple jasper denotes monarchy, honor, dignity, position, and power in gemology.

Purple jasper is often known as “the bonding stone.” It is considered to be capable of uniting numerous energies at once. According to crystal and spiritual healers, Purple jasper removes contradictions and opens the door for spirituality, enabling the stone’s possessor to link more deeply with their loved ones.

Purple Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a common gemstone, but purple tourmaline is rare to find. While many people are unaware of the existence of purple tourmaline, gemologists prize these stones for their beauty. Pleochroism refers to its capacity to absorb light differently from different angles.

Jewelers often angle purple tourmaline to enhance its pleochroism. Because purple tourmaline is not a very hard stone, it is often subjected to heat treatment to reinforce it. The more severely treated it is, the lower its value.

Meaning and Properties of Purple Tourmaline

Purple tourmaline is also known as Siberite. It is said to produce calm energy, anchor the user, and aid in relaxation. Purple tourmaline may help dissolve old emotional ties and manage headaches and migraines.

While purple gemstones are less prevalent than other colours, they remain attractive due to their scarcity, and only some need modifications to enhance their natural hues.

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