What are some advantages of using a data logger?

data logger

A data logger is a device that records data. These devices are commonly used to record temperature, pressure, humidity, force, speed, and much more. They are used in many different industries because they have so many different uses and provide a wide range of benefits to the companies that use them.

data logger
Data logger

Data loggers are especially prevalent in highly regulated industries where the government regulates environmental monitoring practices. These are industries where not adhering to proper environmental conditions can decrease the effectiveness or safety of a product. This includes sectors such as food and beverage, aerospace, pharma, hospitals and healthcare, and medical device manufacturing.

We’re going to discuss some of the specific advantages that companies get when they use data loggers. These advantages help companies be more efficient, save money, stay compliant, and stay safe. Here are just a few of the advantages of using data loggers.

They’re more advanced than chart recorders

Chart recorders are mechanical devices that have been around since the mid-1800s that are used to record data. The most well-known type of chart recorder is probably the old-school polygraph machine we’ve all seen in movies and TV shows. These devices have long been used to monitor and record data in various industries. However, they are now being replaced in many situations by the much more advanced data logger.

Data loggers are digital devices that are capable of recording the same data that chart recorders can but far more efficiently. Data loggers are smaller, cheaper, and more accurate. Because they are digital, they also offer the option of an easy-to-read digital display or the data they capture can be downloaded to a computer or other device. With internet-connected data loggers, part of the Internet of Things (IoT), a person doesn’t even have to physically visit the data logger to read it.

All this technological advancement has made data loggers the far-preferred method of monitoring for most companies in most industries. Chart recorders still exist but the majority of companies that have the option to switch to the newer, more effective device.

They provide a reliable, traceable data record

As mentioned above, data loggers are frequently found in highly regulated industries. These industries are governed by rules and regulations that come from the government which, in many cases in the U.S., is the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is incredibly important for companies to stay compliant with these regulations. If they don’t, they can face a number of penalties from the government. This includes fines, shutdowns, or being forced to destroy product.

To enforce regulations, the FDA or other governing bodies regularly conduct inspections and audits of productions, distribution, and storage facilities. During these visits, regulators may ask to look at a variety of information to ensure a company is staying compliant. Data loggers make it easy to provide inspectors with reliable, traceable data that they can use to verify that quality assurance practices are being met.

Some can be used in conjunction with a cloud-based monitoring system

One of the biggest advancements in data loggers in the last few years is the ability to connect devices to the internet. The IoT has made life, both personally and professionally, easier, more convenient, and more efficient. Everything from controlling the heating and cooling of your house to precisely monitoring a temperature-controlled storage room can now be done efficiently and easily.

IoT data loggers give companies the ability to pair these devices with cloud-based monitoring systems. These remote systems give you a single platform where you can gather, monitor, and analyze all the data that your data loggers provide. It allows companies to save money on manpower and get information to the people who need it in real-time. This is great for compliance and for a company’s bottom line.

The fact that these systems are cloud-based provides even more benefits. Because the data is transmitted and stored in the cloud as opposed to onsite servers, the system is cheaper and easier to access. It helps large organizations save money and allows small and medium-sized businesses access to the type of powerful monitoring systems that were once reserved for only the biggest, richest companies.

They can offer customizable alarms and alerts

Whether data loggers are manually or remotely monitored, these devices offer many features that benefit companies. Here’s a look at a variety of data loggers with different features. One of the most beneficial features for some industries is the ability to create customized alarms and alerts from the data loggers.

Data loggers are an important piece of companies staying compliant and keeping product viable in many industries. An organization may suffer huge financial ramifications if something goes wrong with temperature, pressure, and so on. And the monitoring requirements of companies producing airplane parts and COVID-19 vaccines are very different. 

Being able to create customized alarms and alerts with data loggers helps solve this issue by allowing companies to set up their data loggers with their specific needs and ranges in mind. Monitors can be alerted the second something falls out of compliance or out of the acceptable range, which allows the situation to be addressed quickly. This real-time alert can mean the difference between effective and ineffective, safe and unsafe, and sellable and unsellable products. Depending on the industry and issue, these differences can also mean the difference between millions of dollars in profits and millions in losses.


Data loggers are used in many industries and are used in many different ways. The benefits they provide span many industries. Updating a company’s monitoring systems with the newest technology, reliably recording data, connecting to remote systems, and creating customized real-time alerts are all advantages that many organizations can benefit from.

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