How Luggage Storage Services Are Revolutionizing Travel

Frequent Traveller

Over the last few years, travel has changed in a number of unique ways that have never been seen before. Everything ranging from how fast planes fly to the number of new locations tourists can visit has been altered in recent history, which has made travel all the more enticing for many around the world.

One unique way that travel has changed amidst faster transportation, however, is the ability to visit multiple locations in a small span of time. To accommodate this, along with layovers, luggage storage services have emerged which aim to ease the stress and burden of dealing with luggage while visiting multiple destinations in the span of a few days. Learn everything there is to know about luggage storage, including its cost and benefits, to see how it can benefit you on vacation.

What is a Luggage Storage Service?

For those who haven’t heard the term before, all a luggage storage service actually means is a dedicated location where travelers can drop off their luggage, for a fee, while they explore a destination. All travelers need to do is go online to find the nearest luggage storage in their area, then book the amount of time that is needed based on what’s available.

Once this booking is complete, the drop-off process is extremely simply. For someone traveling to Florence, as an example, all they need to do is get off their plane or train and take a car ride to the accredited Florence luggage storage service location they selected. After showing proof of their reservation, they simply drop off their luggage to the person there, and then pay upon their return or upfront, depending on the location.

How Much Do Luggage Storage Services Cost?

The majority of luggage storage services will only charge a single fee regardless of the weight or size of luggage. This fee will only change based on the amount of time that the luggage is being left at the location. On average, luggage storage costs as little as $6 per day, dependent upon location.

4 Reasons to Use a Luggage Storage Service

There are a variety of reasons for why a traveler may be hesitant to use a luggage storage service despite a myriad of benefits. To quell any potential concerns, however, consider the following four primary benefits that a traveler can reap from using such a service:

1.   The ability to explore a destination “hands free”

The last thing any traveler needs while attempting to explore a destination is having to cart their luggage around everywhere they go. Whether it’s having to book a bigger car or going to a bigger table at a restaurant, carrying luggage around can be a nuisance. By exploring hands free, a traveler can see more of their destination.

2.   More money on hand for other vacation activities

The average cost of a two week European vacation is as high as $4,000, which goes to show just how important saving money is on a trip. The fees you save due to cheap luggage storage can be put towards activity costs, food costs, and so much more on your vacation. This can allow a person to expand their vacation budget to include more than normal.

3.   Fewer worries about being a victim of theft

Theft is one of the most common crimes globally and carrying around luggage in a new destination automatically makes you a more likely target. This means that you always need to keep one eye on your luggage, which stops you from taking in the beauty of your destination fully. By storing your luggage, however, you can worry less about being a victim of theft knowing that your bags are secure and protected. 

4.   A person will be allowed in more locations

Many destinations have restrictions for what you can bring into certain locations, such as museums which often don’t allow bags. This means you won’t be able to explore everywhere you’d like simply because you’re carrying luggage around.

Change how you travel today

Amidst a changing world of travel, all avid and casual travelers alike must think about how they can revolutionize their own travel experience. Take advantage of new services, such as luggage storage, to ensure you can see more destinations around the world in a shorter span of time. Each of the above four reasons should serve as cause for looking up the closest luggage storage service near you depending on the destination you are traveling to.

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