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COVID-19: Hudson to ban access to Sandy Beach


Hudson to ban access to Sandy Beach – Accessed through a beautiful forest and walking trails near Jack Layton Park, Sandy Beach is an oasis for the Town of Hudson residents. Located just a short drive from the western tip of Montreal, it’s also become a popular ‘go to’ destination for many visitors from the city, especially during the summer months. They are drawn by the Lake of Two Mountains scenery, the sand under their feet – and the chance to cool off with a dip or a swim in the water. However, with only 10 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus in Hudson (as of May 26th), residents are concerned that the influx of visitors, with some potentially carrying the virus with them, could add to that number. Given the number of cases in Montreal to date, with 24,388 confirmed cases and 2,584 deaths attributed to the coronavirus, and that visitors come from other regions as well – their concern is not far-fetched.

Hudson to ban access to Sandy Beach

A press release from Hudson states: ‘The Hudson Town council has tabled a bylaw for adoption this Wednesday May 27th in order to close Sandy Beach. The beach being a small area, the rules of social distancing cannot be sufficiently respected with the number of individuals being present’. “Sandy Beach attracts many people searching for an appealing summer activity, but the crowds are simply too large. Our priority will always be the well-being of our residents,” said Mayor Jamie Nicholls. ‘The new bylaw 730-2020 indicates that the only activity allowed to the population at Sandy Beach Park for the duration of the sanitary emergency will be walking on the trails, and that loitering on the beach of Sandy Beach is forbidden’.

Entrance to Jack Layton Park Hudson

*There will be penalties and fines given out by police who will be enforcing the bylaw and patrolling the area.

In part of Section 3 of the bylaw, posted on the Town’ website, it reads as follows:
COSTS, OFFENCES AND PENALTIES – Anyone who contravenes a provision of this Bylaw commits an offense and is liable for each day or part of a day that the offense lasts and / or during the social distancing measure:

1) for a first offense, to a fine of fifty dollars ($ 50)

2) in the event of a repeat offense, a fine of seventy-five dollars ($ 75)

3) in the event of additional recidivism, a fine of two hundred and fifty dollars ($ 250)

– In all cases, administrative costs are in addition to the fine. If the offence continues, the offender shall be presumed to have committed as many offences as the number of days the offence persists.

Regular visitors to the beach will be disappointed, particularly during this heatwave. If you were a resident of Hudson, how would you feel about it?

By: Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca

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