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Top things to do with your employees


As a business owner, you need to show your employees that you appreciate their hard work. Why not surprise them with a fun corporate event? Thankfully, the city of Montreal is filled with fun things to do with your employees. 

Whether you have one hundred or one thousand employees, you should try these corporate event suggestions. 

1 – Corporate Movie Night

If you and your employees are looking for an excuse to flex your nerd cred, then you need to plan a corporate movie night. These events are excellent for companies and organizations that have large teams, as you can fit hundreds of people into a single cinema. Additionally, Montreal is home to numerous movie theatres, many of which are in convenient locations.

Corporate movie nights are effective for several reasons, but the most prominent being that it is something for your employees to look forward to. This can keep your employees in a good mood and create positive energy around the workplace.

Additionally, there is no denying that a corporate movie night is a great excuse to dress up. If your employees don’t want to get decked out in costumes, you should order custom clothing for your team. Screen printed t-shirts can be customized with your employee’s favourite characters or quotes from the movie. This is a fun way for your employees to show their personality and individuality.

However, after purchasing all of the tickets and snacks, you will quickly realize that corporate movie nights are expensive. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune on your garments – you can save money by ordering your custom made shirts from a company that focuses on t shirt printing in Montreal. Many of these companies offer free estimates, deliveries and setups, which leaves you with more money to spend on popcorn.

2 – Go on a Camping Trip

Is there anything better than spending your time in the outdoors during the fall? Not really, especially if you’re in Montreal.

That’s why you absolutely need to take your employees on a weekend camping trip this fall. Camping is by far the most social option for a team-building event. This is because there is nothing to distract your employees (especially if they leave their cell phones behind). Your employees can play fun games, chat around the campfire and cook together.

While your employees are bonding, they should be wearing comfortable, custom clothing. Be sure to order some screen printed scarves and jackets for your crew. This will keep them warm during the cold nights.

If you want to go the extra mile, you can order custom duffel bags for each of your employees. Most printing shops in Montreal offer a huge variety of customizable bags that are perfect for corporate camping trips.

Whether you want to stay within the downtown core or explore beyond the city limits, Montreal is the perfect place to host a corporate event. Feel free to use these suggestions the next time you’re planning a corporate event for your team. 

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