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Camouflage pants back in fashion – with STM inspectors


It has been two and half years since Quebec tabled Bill 133, theact to make wearing uniforms mandatory in the performance of their duties. For close to three years police officers in Quebec protested against the reforms to their pension plans by wearing camouflage pants while on duty. Their duties, considered an essential service, did not allow them to go on strike. If you missed seeing the questionable attire on our streets, you are in luck – as the Societe de Transport de Montreal constables and inspectors have brought them back into fashion. In negotiations for their next collective bargaining agreement, they have rejected a move by STM’s management to break up their work schedules that would have them starting work earlier and ending later.

Camouflage pants back in fashion – with STM inspectors

The president of ‘La Fraternité des constables et inspecteurs de la STM’, Kevin Grenier, said in a statement today, “It’s totally unacceptable to have a two-hour break in the middle of the day. Starting at 6:30am and ending the day at 6:30pm, would upset the work-life balance… the inspectors are only paid for 40 hours per week, so it isn’t fair to make them work 12-hour days. The unionized officers will wear camouflage pants as a pressure tactic until the STM comes up with a better proposal to allow them to work decent schedules.”

Reacting to the union’s statement, STM spokesperson Amelie Regis said the STM is ‘monitoring the situation’ and will be ‘tolerating the lack of respect for the uniform as long as it doesn’t affect safety or the delivery of services.’ Well, Montreal is a trendy city – and the latest fashion statement should once again be raising eyebrows.

By: Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca

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