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E-scooters banned in Montreal 2020 – Rules not respected


Most major cities have the sharing electric scooters program however Montreal says they will not be bringing them back to the streets this summer.

The city said there was a huge noncompliance with the rules. For example the city made over 230 parking spots for riders to leave the e-scooters but they were not respected.

E-scooters Banned in Montreal
E-scooters banned in Montreal 2020 for being left all over the city and not respecting safety rules of engagement

The announcement of the Banned e-scooter was at the executive committee meeting by Councillor Eric Alan Caldwell.

The e-scooters were operated by Lime and Uber. The operation lasted the summer of 2019 as a test project.

The Montreal Police issued over 330 tickets to e-scooter users for not respecting the law and Highway safety codes. Most of the tickets were given to riders not wearing helmets.

The city of Montreal has not closed the door on this mode of transportation but need to find a way it will work.

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