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NDG resident Babara Sidorowicz makes 130lbs of fudge for charity


All of NDG was rooting for Babara Sidorowicz a couple weekends ago as she prepared over 130lbs of fudge…for charity.

Sidorowicz is the founder and administrator of NDG Living, a popular Facebook group with over 4,500 members. With the holidays approaching, Sidorowicz had endeavored to raise funds for local non-profit organizations by making and selling her now-famous homemade fudge at $10/lb. Initial sales were going strong but things got even more interesting when two local contractors, Jonathan Asselin of Rénovations Nouvelle Vie and Alex Montagano of Restore Montreal, decided to join forces and up the ante with a dare: If Barbara could single-handedly make over 100lbs of fudge in two days, they’d buy it all.

Famous NDG wall art made into poster – Babara Sidorowicz makes 130lbs of fudge for charity – Photo: Matthew Zaidan

Sidorowicz accepted the challenge and members of the group promptly dubbed the event the ‘NDG FUDGE-A-THON.’ This sparked a series of ‘fudge posts’ (and even ‘fudge memes’) and as a consequence, fudge sales have gone through the roof.
meaWith the community rallying behind her, Sidorowicz cleared the local supermarkets of their butter supplies before launching into a 48 hour baking frenzy. By Sunday night, she had made 130lbs of fudge which nt an additional $1,300 for charity, bringing the total raised to almost $5,000.00 in two weeks.

A survey of NDG Living members is being used to select the organizations that will split the cash prize. Its enormous success has prompted organizers to consider making this an annual event.

NDG Fudge Drive for charity Photo: Robert Low

As for the big question on many people’s minds: What are the event’s co-sponsors going to do with 130lbs of fudge? “About half will be given out as gifts to our clients and the rest will be donated to various charities,” said Asselin.

When praised for her efforts, Sidorowicz responded, “Thank you–but I’m just making fudge. It’s all the wonderful people here who are willing to buy it to raise funds. Really, the thanks and kudos go to everyone who has bought or will buy.”
Sidorowicz continues to bake until Friday, so that everyone can get a chance to try the fudge that all of NDG seems to be talking about.  

Feature image: NDG residents makes 130lbs of fudge for charity Photo: Robert Low

Article by Meaghan McNerney

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