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New Champlain bridge could cost $150 million less


New Champlain bridge – One good thing about winter coming is the New Champlain Bridge could cost the tax payers $150 Million dollars less. The Signature sur le Saint-Laurent (SSL) which has signed the contract to build the massive structure may have to give a $150 million dollar credit in late fees. Every day the bridge is not delivered on time there is a $100,000 fine per day for the first week and $400,000 per day after that. There is a cap of $150 million dollars in allowed fines.

The new Champlain bridge has a price tag of 4.2 billion dollars and was slated to be ready this December. The new bridge is basically completed except for paving which can not be done in our winter months.

The existing Champlain bridge is one of the most used bridges in Canada.

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