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What to see and do on your visit to Montreal?


Montreal is one of the most popular tourist destinations or a year-round getaway for many travellers. You can come across old landmark buildings, rich colonial history and heritage, cosmopolitan culture, and many more here. Montreal has everything that tourists are looking for. You find diverse restaurants, plenty of festivals, major sightseeing spots, and a whole lot of entertainment options in this cosmopolitan city. At the same time, many tourists visit this place for a romantic getaway, sightseeing, or for a family vacation, a few love to check out the popular gambling casinos in town. The Montreal Casino on Notre Dame Island is the largest gambling establishment in Canada and attracts many gambling enthusiasts all round the year. Click here to get to know more about this gambling house.

Montreal Old Port

If you are here to enjoy the best sights and sounds of Montreal, then please read on.

Places to Visit and See in Montreal

This fine arts museum has over 40,000 works and is a must-visit place for all kinds of art lovers. This old museum was founded in 1860 and is a major attraction for all tourists visiting Canada and Montreal in particular. The film, music, fashion and the traditional art lovers will find a lot of information at this museum. You might take more than half a day to browse through the collections and exhibits here. It is a place where you come across modern furniture, an ancient glass vase, paintings, photography exhibits, and so on.

1.      Notre-Dame Basilica

This Gothic styled basilica is a wonderful piece of architecture built in the 1820s. It is a masterpiece by architect James O’Donnell. It is located in Old Montreal. You cannot miss the church as it has two large towers that seem as if it is touching the skyline. The stained glass windows and the beautiful religious paintings, attention to detail statues, and magnificent chapels of the Notre-Dame Basilica will leave you spellbound.

Montreal Botanical Garden restores Aquatic Garden
Montreal Botanical Garden restores Aquatic Garden

2.      Botanical Garden

This Botanical Garden in Montreal was opened for public in 1931, and it is spread over 1990 acres. It hosts many gardens and greenhouses and is a perfect place to unwind and relax with your family. You can find plenty of themed green spaces around, like the Japanese Garden. There are ten greenhouses located in this place. This is home to over 22,000 different species of flora.

3.      Mount Royal Park

This big mountain is located in downtown Montreal. A significant portion of this mountain is located in a huge park that is known by the same name. This is a hangout place for friends and families to meet and spend some quality outdoor time. The kids can have a lot of fun playing various sports here. The major attractions in this park and mountain are tam-tams, a giant cross, lookout point at the top, etc.

4.      The Underground City

The Underground City is officially known as RESO. This 32 kilometres long city has many paths and tunnels that connect subway stations, shopping paradises, and many buildings. You come across 2000 stores in the Underground City. That’s not all. You can also see nightclubs, varied multi-cuisine restaurants, business centres, an ice hockey area, and a movie theatre. This city is a popular destination for all the shopaholics and the gourmets.

Montreal's Ste. Catherine Street sidewalk sale

5.      Sainte Catherine Street

This is the shopping hub of this cosmopolitan city. It would best if you were prepared to walk on this street to explore all kinds of options available from excellent street food to bars and cafes to souvenirs and high-end designer clothes. You can also get to visit the nook and corner of this city by bus or subway. It is a shopper’s paradise, and you can find all kinds of items on sale in this street.

Montreal has plenty of museums and other major attractions to keep the tourists busy for more than a week. It provides you with many opportunities to explore and to have 100% entertainment.

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