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 “No sunscreen please.  I’m too young.”

Babies under 6 months should not be doused in sunscreen.  This does not mean they do not need protection. It means NO SUNSCREEN. It means PROTECT ANOTHER WAY.   The chemical bath of sunscreen is disruptive for their sensitive newborn, melanin reduced skin.  It is dangerous to present any chemical onslaught to a very young baby. 

Instead, protect them in breathable clothing and shade, avoiding direct sunlight. Fabrics such as cotton, muslin and bamboo are great options as they allow air to circulate. Choose these natural and organic fabrics as they have limited interaction with chemicals during the production process. Best to choose fabric that is also free of synthetic dyes and chemicals.

I remember a customer, baby in arms, entering our booth at an outdoor craft show. We were all feeling the day’s heat but this baby was hollering, sweat and tears. She had just been removed from a covered breezeless carriage, wearing a synthetic, non-breathing dress.

How to diplomatically inform the mother? I tried. She responded by announcing the dress WAS cotton. I couldn’t resist showing her the back dress label of 100% polyester “Perhaps a little dress made of cotton might be cooler in such hot weather?” Mama was not impressed with me.

Mama and crying baby traipsed next door to a children’s wear booth to peruse the baby bonnets.  All hats devoured the baby’s little head. The mama bought one anyway saying she would just put a pin in it. I had to learn to do the same.

After bathing, newborns can be moisturized with good oils. We suggest pure unrefined emu or argan oil, or natural oil blends such as our Baby Love Organic oil, or one of our butters, Sheamu or Shargan. All oils have some natural SPF by the way.

Shade, proper attire and no sunscreen are the only ways to introduce your baby to their new environment.

After 6 months or so, when the baby is out and about, then healthy sunscreen can be applied. Zinc is best. And baby says, “Thank you”.

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Martha Shannon
By Martha Shannon -Earth to Body – info@mtltimes.ca

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