Why culture matters at your company

Why culture matters at your company

Company culture is not just about what you do but how you do it. It refers to a mix of both formal and informal processes. While some industries are known for a particular type of culture, tech for mixing hard work and fun, for example, workplace culture even within the same industry can differ widely. Ultimately, what makes a company a good place to work is less about the specifics and more about the overarching leadership and management ideals. A healthy workplace culture is important, but what exactly that looks like can take many different forms.

Introducing New Tech

Bringing in new systems and new tech is rarely easy, even when the old ways clearly weren’t working any longer. There’s always an adjustment period and a learning curve. If you have a fleet management department, compliance can be an ongoing issue, and you might assume that a tool that means less paperwork would be welcome. Yet introducing ELD compliance solutions so that you can avoid hours of service violations can still mean changing up the processes that your drivers have become accustomed to. However, when you have a positive company culture of trust and collaboration, your drivers will be much more likely to accept this type of change. This will be true throughout your company with other departments and changes as well.

Why culture matters at your company
Why culture matters at your company

Employee Retention

A positive company culture doesn’t just mean that your employees will be more trusting when it comes to introducing changes but that they are simply more likely to stick around in general. In a workplace where they feel valued and as though they have a voice, you will have less difficulty in retaining talent. This doesn’t just mean that you’ll be able to keep good people around longer but that your company will save money as well since it generally costs less to keep employees than to continually hire and train new ones. When you do need to hire new employees, you’ll be more likely to attract top talent if you have a reputation for being a great place to work.

More Innovation

Innovation flourishes in environments where people are encouraged to speak up and share their ideas. Managers can help by creating an open-door policy where staff is always invited to stop by and share their ideas. Employees should also feel as though they can offer critiques of ideas introduced by their superiors. This helps combat stress in the workplace for both employers and employees.


There are companies that seek to drive productivity by closely tracking everything employees do, micromanaging processes and holding workers to strict quotas. Then there are companies that take a more holistic approach, maintaining productivity standards but giving their employees more ownership in their work and ensuring that their work is done in an environment that is more reward-based than punitive. Ultimately, happier workers are also more productive workers. This extends to customer service as well, with employees who feel empowered to help customers and who believe in the mission of the company they are working for more likely to provide satisfying assistance.

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