Why is the lottery so popular in Canada?


The prospect of winning a lot of money is enough to help the lottery maintain its popularity in Canada. However, over the years, there has been a major rise in popularity as bigger and more alluring jackpots have started being offered, while the cost of buying tickets has remained quite low.

There have been big jackpots that were won by a single person and others that have been split by groups of winners. Even if you split a major jackpot, the winnings can be life changing amounts of money.

There are great cash prizes even if you do not win the main jackpot.

Some people do not realize that you can win major cash prizes playing Canadian lotteries by matching just a few of the winning numbers on your ticket. PlayCasinos gives a great rundown of the lotteries available in Canada and how to play them. Any windfall money is something that is to be welcomed, especially when you have paid only a few dollars for a ticket.

For example, when Adlin Lewis of Toronto won $70m, there were also six tickets which won $1m dollars each while two others collected prizes of $500,000. Another two individuals won over $300,000. As you can see, you don’t have to win the main jackpot to get a nice payoff.

Bon Truong of Alberta won $60m having played the same numbers for decades. At 55 years old, he hit the jackpot. Amazingly enough, he took an outstanding 10 months to claim his winnings because he wanted to ease his family into the life changes that come with that type of wealth.

The Canadian lottery helps communities, schools, and hospitals

One reason players feel good about taking a chance on the lottery is that it helps out communities and schools. Those that sell lottery tickets pay taxes on the total number of tickets they sell. This tax revenue helps fund services that the public uses every day.

In Ontario, a large portion of the revenue from the lotteries goes to fund hospitals, which helps the entire province have a better medical system that can serve more people promptly. That is an important expense when you consider how great the need is due to a large aging population.

The lottery represents a low-risk chance to win big

Whether it’s the Lotto Max, Lotto 6/49 or the Daily Grand, or one of the many regional games, taking part in a draw doesn’t cost a lot, but the potential cash prizes could be life-changing. Given that each only takes place twice a week, it also isn’t a time-consuming pursuit. You just choose your numbers, buy the ticket and wait for the draw to be made. In addition, your ticket helps fund charities and improvements in your province.


Playing the lottery is popular because it is interesting, inexpensive and offers large cash prizes to winners even if they get just a few numbers right on their ticket. In addition, it helps fund valuable projects and charities that benefit everyone.

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