Alcohol addiction treatment cost in Canada

Alcohol addiction treatment cost

Public health care facilities that specialize in addiction treatment are mostly over-stretched and have a lengthy waiting list because of the increasing number of addicts in Canada. Some provinces even strive to provide adequate detoxification services.  In this article we look at alcohol addiction treatment cost.

In Canada, private rehab centers share the same similarities in terms of luxury options and facilities. If you are looking for Toronto rehab facilities, that’s a different story since there are a few more options to choose from. Canada has enough private rehab centers that are a little bit affordable. However, there is a province-by-province hotline provision for those who cannot afford a private rehab center. This hotline provides information as well as direction about the government-funded options. Only a non-profit organization can accept referrals whose fees would be footed by the government.

Alcohol addiction treatment cost
Alcohol addiction treatment cost

In 2014, Rob Ford-the then-mayor of Toronto, once told the media that while he was seeking help at the rehab facility, he spent over $100,000. He didn’t mention the fees, but the treatment centers have a price range based on their location and length of stay. In all, one can say it is expensive to go to rehab. The cost of Alcohol addiction treatment in Canada is less costly than another. 

There are several ways people pay for treatment. Some take loans, some have their families pay for them, while others might have employers loan them the money. Most times, the cost of alcohol treatment in Canada might be high because not everyone can wand off a huge amount of cash unprepared. 

However, the truth is that you can not put a price on life. Suppose any individual finds out that the significant other has cancer. In that case, that individual will go to lengths to get treatment for the patient. The same goes for Alcoholism, and the government should offer more in the healthcare system. 

A Breakdown of rehab Cost in Canada

This breakdown is subject to change according to the institution of luxury available. You can consider this as a rough estimate of alcohol addiction treatment costs in Canada.

  • Detoxifying only can cost within the range of $2000-$4000 per week.
  • The Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) can cost between $2000-$5500 each month. 
  • The standard fee for impatient rehabilitation ranges between $10,000-$25000 each month. 
  • Luxury impatient rehabilitation cost $20,000-$50,000 per month. 
  • A 30-day rehab program may cost $12,950, and in Toronto, a 4.5-week program may cost $17,339. 
  • There are cases where a service for a day costs $330.

The Cost of Intervention

We can’t possibly talk about addiction treatment without intervention. The alcohol intervention specialist’s job is to fill the family in with expectations and directions for the patient. The intervention goal is to allow the abuser to accept the help and get into alcohol treatment. The gathering of the family, friends, and concerned loved ones is the power behind the intervention. Concerned individuals in the client’s life, family members, and professionals work to save the individual from addiction. An intervention provides the urge and pushes that the patient needs. And the beauty about this is that it doesn’t cost anything—only time and support. 

According to a report by a five local Health integration Network across Ontario. A day treatment of alcohol ranges from $60 to $109 per service. However, residential treatment ranges from $138 to $325 for each resident in Canada. 

What Take Place during an Intervention? 

Intervention specialists are trained to educate the family on what to expect during rehab and prepare them for the things ahead. However, this intervention’s goal is to allow the alcohol addict to accept help or get maximum help. There are cases where rehab/alcohol treatment is the last-ditch effort from the family because all other strategies have failed. 

Is Rehab Effective? 

The success rate of rehabilitation for alcohol addicts highly depends on the patient. The same goes for drug addiction and any form of substance abuse. One can be tempted to think there should be an improvement in a person’s lifestyle judging from the amount he/she is paying in a center. This isn’t true as the success rate. Does rehab truly work? According to recent research, one in every five clients still maintains sobriety on average.  

Alcohol treatment varies according to the individual affected. There are cases of people who didn’t seek any help from any rehab facility. Still, through hard work, determination and discipline, they have maintained a sober lifestyle. Whereas there are some, who consider rehab as the most important phase of their lives. Alcohol addiction treatment is not limited to rehab alone. In all, get help no matter what form it is.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Alcohol Addiction Rehab in Canada

  • Amenities available for use: The amenities offered by a rehab don’t come free. And the amenities are not limited to extra services alone. Some rehab centers provide massages and acupuncture. Some even have swimming pools and tennis courts. Exquisite rehab centers hire award-winning chefs. These luxury rehabs are frequented by the rich and famous because of their cost and the amenities. You would be looking into tens of thousands of dollars each month and more than a hundred thousand dollars in 90 days. Although, luxury rehabs aren’t meant for all, and there are only a few in Canada. More amenities are equal to a higher price. 
  • Inpatient/Outpatient Centers: There are two major types of addiction treatment programs. These programs have different costs. The inpatient program costs more because it includes housing and intensive care. While the outpatient program costs less. The duration of these programs also determines its cost. The location also matters as there is a higher cost of living in California than in Toronto or Ontario, Canada. 
  • The kind of Treatments Offered: The treatment level in alcohol rehabs these days is created according to cost. Some individuals do not require a medical detox to start alcohol addiction treatment. Furthermore, the process of Detoxification isn’t expensive. Drug addicts like cocaine users do not experience major or dangerous withdrawals when they stop using. So, one can say that there isn’t any technical detox for them other than close monitoring. But alcohol and heroin users display some higher level of intense withdrawal during detox. This is why medication is needed after detoxifying. 

Patients needing more medical care, therapy, and attention pay more for alcohol treatment. And professional therapy also affects the overall cost of rehab. 

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