Montreal’s newest restaurant Le Molière par Mousso to open its doors

Le Molière par Mousso

Situated in the heart of the Quartier latin, Le Molière par Mousso will open its doors on February 7. This new elegant, affordable, gourmet French brasserie, located at 1560, St-Denis street, at the corner of Maisonneuve boulevard, will provide direct access to the Espace St-Denis complex so guests won’t have to set foot outside before or after a show!

Owner, Jean Pilote, the man behind the rebirth of the Capitole de Québec and the success of its venue, in partnership with Nicolas Rousseau (Le Continental du Vieux-Québec) and A5 Hospitality (Jatoba, Le Cathcart, Flyjin), today proudly unveil the all-star team of this new Parisian brasserie style restaurant.

Le Molière par Mousso – 1560, St-Denis Street • OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK UNTIL LATE IN THE EVENING !

The brains behind Le Molière par Mousso

First, in the position of Culinary Director of the restaurant as well as of the entire Espace St-Denis complex, we find Antonin Mousseau-Rivard, innovative Montréal chef and owner of Le Mousso. Crowned “Grand de demain” by the prestigious Gault & Millau guide in 2016, Antonin Mousseau-Rivard has won numerous awards, including Most Innovative Chef from Canada’s 100 Best in 2019, and Montréal’s restaurant of the year from the Lauriers de la gastronomie québecoise in 2018.

“My driving passion in life is eating! And with Le Molière, I am returning to my first love: French cuisine. I want to offer guests an informal gourmet experience, and the opportunity to appreciate the classics that have been brought up to date, simply and with quality ingredients. I’m thinking about French onion soup, truffle toast, oeuf mayonnaise, seafood platter, bone marrow, jellied salmon, lobster thermidor… Various classics that I was really happy to come back to. Honestly, I missed this type of cuisine. They are recipes that I studied when I was really young, which made my mouth water. I am self-taught and the rather strange child that I was used to read old French cookbooks before going to bed!” said Antonin Mousseau-Rivard.

With 45 years of experience in gastronomy, Daniel Vézina, founding chef of the restaurant Laurie Raphaël, mentor and outstanding communicator, is Consulting Chef for Le Molière par Mousso and for the entire Espace St-Denis complex.

“Today, I am a freelancer. I have the great luxury of choosing with whom I want to collaborate and working with Jean Pilote, an inspiring man who understands the restaurant business perfectly and whom I greatly admire, is a privilege. I want to achieve great things for him! With Antonin, Samuel and Jean-François, the Executive Chefs, we complement each other perfectly, which makes for a great team. They have the creativity, passion and energy of Le Molière in their hands, and I will handle the coaching, structure, and respect of Jean’s vision and dreams,” said Daniel Vézina.

Samuel Sauvé Lamothe (Laurie Raphaël, Le Mirage, Le Boulevardier, L’Express) is the Executive Chef for the restaurant and for the entire Espace St-Denis complex, while Jean-François Pigeon (le Mousso et l’Auberge Saint-Gabriel) is the Sous Chef for Le Molière par Mousso.

“Seven years after the initial discussions, this major project is finally coming to fruition in Montréal. I am happy to be back in the city I left in 1995 and very proud to see Antonin and Daniel, two talented chefs who are as passionate as they are complementary, work together. There is no doubt that they will achieve great things. I would like to express my gratitude to Jean-Claude Chabot, Vice President at France Film and the entire Espace St-Denis team, for the opportunity to create this wonderful project and for their trust in me,” added Jean Pilote, owner of the Le Molière par Mousso restaurant and supplier of food and bar services for the entire Espace St-Denis complex.

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