How sports club owners are adapting to the new normal

How sports club owners are adapting

I recently had a chat with expert Doug Hirdle about the world of sport, and he painted something of a bleak picture sadly, by telling me that some of the best Canadian casino sites on that once threw a small fortune at sports clubs across Canada by way of advertising dollars have had to cut back on doing so.

Sadly, and in no small part due to the pandemic that has affected all of our lives for the last year or so now, many businesses in all market sectors have had no other choice but to cut back on advertising with sports clubs and sports teams and some have even pulled or suspended their sponsorship deals too.

How sports club owners are adapting

If there was ever a time that the sporting industry needs those valuable advertising and sponsorship Dollars it is right now, for the entire sporting industry has been decimated by lockdowns and curfews, and without a rapid injection of cash many once great and many much smaller sports clubs and teams will go to the wall and will not survive.

There has been some major rethinks and changes to business plans going on behind the scenes, with many sports club owners looking at ways that they can change and adapt to help them, and their businesses survive over the long term, and below I will investigate a few ways they are looking to do just that.

Filling sport stadiums by reducing ticket prices

Having huge empty sport stadiums sitting empty is something that many sports club owners have had to experience over the last year, but a number of them are looking at ways to fill them with fans once the lockdowns and curfews come to an end.

By reducing the ticket prices to attend sporting events that will ensure their already hard-pressed and loyal fans will be able to attend those events and full those empty stadiums.

I do have to say it will be quite novel to see such ticket prices being reduced in price, for over the years the cost of those tickets has only gone one way, and that way is of course upwards, however a packed stadium of ticket paying fans will certainly help the finances of any sports club for sure.

Would fans be prepared to pay to view matches on TV?

There is also the problem that some fans, and possibly a great number of them may be too wary of actually visiting any live sporting events, for with COVID having put the fear into the hearts especially of the older generation, a large demographic of the fan base of any sports club may not want to visit such an event.

That does of course give some clubs the opportunity to start generating some income by offering their stay at home fans the option of paying to view their live sporting events on television.

If that were something many clubs were to offer, at the end of the day it would only be a successful venture if they did price the cost of watching such sporting events on TV sensibly and also did manage to get enough of their fans to pay to view such events to make them financially viable, but that remains to be seen if it is possible of course.

Sport related businesses eager to bounce back

Having had to survive with no income coming in has been a reality for many small and for that matter large business that are in one way or another involved in the sporting industry, and most have had no other option but to weather the storm so to speak.

Fortunately those there is of course light at the end of the tunnel now for such business, but for anyone out there that does operate such a business, never forget there are plenty of business help and support groups who can and will advise you on how to adapt your business to the new normal.

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