Perfect wines for picnics


With summer season officially established, picnics and camping are in full swing and there is nothing more delightful than a picnic on a warm summer day. Read on for perfect wines for picnics and picnic food pairing.

Picnics are something that everybody adores and can participate in. They bring an amazing perspective to explore the outdoors, and it’s a perfect opportunity to display your good sense of taste when it comes to preparing yummy things to drink and eat.

Picture the setting: – bathing in the sun, lying on the grass with chilled wine bottles and plenty of tasty food. It’s the perfect activity… it really doesn’t get much better than that!

Picnic wines are a different ball game than BBQ wines. In a BBQ you want to match flavours, whereas picnic foods bridge an extensive set of lighter foods like salads, cold cuts and other food that can be served cold or at room temperature.

Perfect picnic wines should be: light and refreshing, versatile with a variety of foods, and relatively inexpensive.

A dry Rose would be my first choice. Rose combines the best of white and red wines, while maintaining their own unique charm. They possess the crisp acidity, delicacy and freshness of white wines, and the body, and flavours of red.

When I think about a picnic, I think about pink wine. Rose represents the best of white and red wines, while maintaining their own unique identity. They have the crisp acidity, delicacy and freshness of white wines, and the body of a red wine.

For an amazing sparkler, go with a beautiful sparkling Rose wine. A sparkling Rose are very food friendly.

Vinho Verde is a young wine from Portugal. Vinho Verde is not a grape variety. It literally means ‘green wine or young wine  – as in it’s meant to be consumed short term after bottling. It’s crafted in white, red, and rose variations. Vinho Verde has a hint of effervescence on the palate which is a plus to its refreshing qualities.

Riesling It’s probably the most food-friendly white wine. Choose either a dry or off-dry (slightly sweet) style. Chardonnay works as well. However seek for a un or slightly oaked since it will fit better with your picnic dishes.

Finally don’t pass on Sauvignon Blanc. This is a classic picnic wine because it’s fresh and crisp, with a citrusy flavour profile and lively acidity. In addition, It’s a great match for goat cheese.

Wine recommendations – Perfect wines for picnics

Ottomani Toscana Bianco 2018. ( Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes). Private Import ( Le Vin dans le Voiles, $27.04, 12 pack case)

Grassy and citrusy at the same time. On the palate, it is slightly frizzante with retronasal flavours reminiscent of white fruits and flowers. Crisp with a subdued finale. Perfect with cold seafood salads.

Picnic sparkling wines

Villa Conchi Cava Brut Seleccion Rose – SAQ # 13579331 – $17.50

Deep and clear pink in colour with an abundant of fine bubbles, aromas and flavours of fresh strawberries and a splash of citrus tropical fruits. On the palate herbed strawberries with a minerality streak and great acidity. Would be lovely with cold cuts.

Quinta D’Amares Loureiro 2018 ( Vinho Verde, Portugal) SAQ # 13861125 $16.65

At times peachy with hints of tropical fruit. It is light and refreshing. Slightly frizzante, light to medium body with a cleansing acidity and long herbal aftertaste. Pair it with crudo fish or tuna tartare.

Marco Giovanetti
Marco Giovanetti –

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