What wine fits your personality?


Are you a sexy Merlot or an extroverted Muscat, an elegant Pinot Noir or a reserved Cabernet Sauvignon? The path that we trace in our life is based on our personality, with different smells, tastes and colours resonating with our essence. Wine selection is more art than science, with people able to match wines with more than just food. Have you ever thought about pairing wine with your mood or even the colour of your clothes?

For some time now, the world of wine has been stuffy and serious, with classical regions and selection criteria still a mystery to most wine drinkers. While education is always recommended, a more intuitive approach to choosing wine can be a great way to educate your palate and find the wines  that work for you. Instead of choosing a wine based on past experiences or trusting your advisor, sometimes it could be great to choose wine that matches your personality.

Perhaps the most significant difference in personality types is the split between introverts and extroverts. Are you the life of the party, or would you rather spend a quiet night indoors with people you love? While wine can be enjoyed anywhere, different wines lend themselves to different occasions. Extrovert drops are bold and decisive, with their style and sense of confidence noticeable from across the room.

Champagne is the classic  extroverted wine, with bottles of this  bubbly the life of every party. Although it might not be the choice for everyone, hardcore champagne drinkers are often very generous and outspoken individuals. For a less in-your-face type of confidence, why not try an outspoken bottle of Sangiovese or a matter-of-fact glass of Tempranillo.

Cabernet Sauvignon is another wine that shows off  confidence and intelligence, with its reserved personality sometimes bordering on pretentious. As a matter of fact, there are lots of reds that have big and bold personalities, including Malbec, Shiraz, and Petite Sirah. If you really want to kick your natural extroversion up a gear or two try  high-alcohol wines such as Sherry, Port or Madeira.

Introverted wines are quieter, calmer, and perfect  with a romantic dinner as they are with a loud club or fancy dinner party. While many white wines lend themselves to the softer  side of life, including Chardonnay, Riesling Fume Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc, there are some notable exceptions to this rule. Some fruity and zesty wines are practically begging to be enjoyed on a yacht or around the pool, including White Bordeaux,Gewurztraminer, Muscats, and Viognier.

During the quiet evening and late night hours, people often choose to sit back and enjoy a nice glass of red. Merlot is easy going with its  smooth and silky personality. Some reds have a lighter body that helps their inner introvert to shine, including Pinot Noir, Gamay, Schiava, and Grenache. Many fine and full-bodied reds also lend themselves to the gentle side of life, including Cabernet Franc, Syrah, and some types of Shiraz.

Granted, choosing wine that matches your personality is not rocket science, with choices dependent on the environment and known to evolve over time. What is a rugged and confident drop to one person may be sensual and refined to another. The relationship that we have with wine should be about much more than food, however, with the injection of fun and personality into the selection process allowing us to relax, expand our horizons, and enjoy everything the world of wine has to offer.

Wine Recommendations:

Milan Nestarec 3rd sex Gewurtztraminer 2017. $45.79 (Private Import, Contact Ward & Associes for availability, info@wardetassocies.com)

Lovely lemony peachy bouquet with hints of green tea. In addition, textbook aromas of Gewurztraminer reminiscent of roses, lychee and jazmin-orange water. On the palate, very fresh and glorious. Juicy and quite divine. Medium body. Lovely cleansing finale. Very elegant.

Porta Bohemica Charpin 2016 $34.25 ( Private Import, Ward & Associes, 12 pack case)

A beautiful white displaying chic funky tones with nuances of pear and ground cherries. Lip smacking acidity with a hint of oxidative notes, dry fruits and smoky minerality. Reminiscent of a good negociant Champagne. One of the greatest discoveries of the year in white wines. This should be perfect with some goat cheese.

Burg Ravensburg Riesling 2018 – $20.55 SAQ# 13453762

This great German riesling displays tasty nuances of crisp meyer lemon complemented by a hint of white pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. On the palate, it is round and harmonious with retronasal flavours that remind me of citrus tropical and stone fruits. Cleansing finale.

Oscar Tobia Rioja Reserva 2014 – $33.50 SAQ# 14000482

A modern interpretation of Rioja yet keeping its traditional roots. Complex notes of cigar box, menthol, cassis with balsamic reduction aromas. Nuances of cocoa and hazelnut with a touch of graphite, petrol and smoke. Polished on the palate with velvety tannins. Very long aftertaste that brings to mind dark olives with a touch of savoury meat. It should be glorious with a bbq rib eye steak.

Marco Giovanetti
Marco Giovanetti – info@mtltimes.ca

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