Mice Problem in Montreal!


Any of Montreal residents know that Montreal, being an amazing as it is, does have a mice problem. If you have lived in it and travelled around the subways, walked the streets or owned a house, it will be quite evident there are lots of them and are growing!

The city is experiencing a rinse in the pest issues especially with the change in climate and warmer weathers these rodents are living longer and surviving the milder winters. Residents in the city who have taken subways recently have seen mice in the metro stations and the issue is growing when there is new construction, as we see recently in Montreal!

With mice extermination, it can be very tricky as these pests live underground, inside buildings and can mostly hide very well in winter since any crack can host a space for them and their family. The only way to get rid of them is to feed them the poison that they will take back to their home and feed their family.

As with many cities with this issue, the cost of getting rid of them will take much resources, money and patience which many cities don’t bother attempting. Majority of the time, people will tend to get rid of the mice in their own home and not bother with the ones outside. One good thing to take back with this is that these pests can be food for other animals in the city including foxes, owl, etc.

Montreal has had its share of pests including bed bugs being the worse, a year ago it had an epidemic of bed bugs that infected low-income households and students housing mostly. These pests are dangerous and difficult to control as they spread very easily from one person and place to another. This problem has been haunting the city for years and recently is being dealt with by using freezers that kill these bed bugs within 4 days. Although summer is the worse, yet these pests will exist and thrive through the winter month.

We all need to feel safe and when it comes to pests many of have fears and even though this fear is mostly psychological yet these pests do pose threats to our health and we need to demand the city handle this at whatever cost!

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