New Cabaret La Nuit Shanghai is a must try!

La Nuit Shanghai

La Nuit Shanghai is a gourmet cabaret in the heart of the DIX30 district specializing in fine French and Chinese cuisine. Each evening, musical and burlesque performances and a breathtaking setting will immerse you in the unique experience of a gala evening like at the Paramount Hotel in Shanghai in the roaring twenties.

La Nuit Shanghai Executive Chef David Yeh and La Nuit Shanghai owner Jacky Lin

The owner of La Nuit Shanghai, Jacky Lin saw the concept in the orient and new the concept was a winner. It almost has a speak easy feel as it is not easy to findin the heart of the DIX30 district. However when you walk through the 2nd floor restaurants door you are taken back by the beautiful decor and amazing finishing.

La Nuit Shanghai Executive Chef David Yeh

From the moment you are greeted at the door you are transported back into time. The staff is super friendly and your dining experience will certainly not let down with Executive Chef David Yeh’s delicious menu. Every bite is a mix of fresh ingredients that will make your taste buds explode with delight.

It is Executive Chef David Yeh, former owner of Bulma Bar, and long-time working with Chef Antonio Park, created a gourmet menu that is Chinese and French infusion. The menu is devoted to authentic Chinese cuisine with specialties such as Dim Sum, Wagyu beef and Peking duck glazed with honey served in the traditional way.

La Nuit Shanghai
La Nuit Shanghai cocktails

The bar is run by exquisite mixologists that have developed a fine line of specialty tea-based cocktails including the Sazerac made with Wulong tea, VSOP cognac, Dong Ding Wulong tincture and Angostura Bitters. All the cocktails are sophisticated and eye-catching, some with a smoky effect.

La Nuit Shanghai

This unique gourmet cabaret promises majestic lively evenings in its immense 6,000 square foot space on Leduc Boulevard in Brossard.

The idea for this unusual concept germinated in the mind of Jacky Lin, president of the SH Group. After a trip to Shanghai in 2019. His goal with La Nuit Shanghai is to bring the experience of a gala evening like at the Paramount Hotel in Shanghai in the 1920s, commonly known as the Roaring Twenties. Singers, burlesque artists and circus artists will offer performances every night to wow customers and make each evening memorable.

La Nuit Shanghai

5-star menu by Executive Chef David Yeh

All the costumes and performances and visuals and decor were done and produced by Black Mohawk productions

Valt Design, in charge of interior design, has gone all out to transform the space into a majestic and very luxurious place reminiscent of The Great Gatsby. There are, among other things, chairs in thrones 6 feet high, round benches for groups, quartz counters and a huge LED wall for projections.

The space which offers more than 140 seats is ideal for private parties and office parties. “We can even organize private events after regular business hours as required for an additional 30 people,” says Jacky Lin.

La Nuit Shanghai is a must try!

La Nuit Shanghai  
9140 boulevard Leduc 
Brossard, QC J4Y 0L2 
Wednesday – Sunday: 5:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M.  

La Nuit Shanghai

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