The main features of Final Fantasy 14: Why do people like the game so much?

Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 stands out in many things from other similar games in the MMO genre. Players have been following its series for years. But it can be tough for new players. If you want to save time on levelling up your character, grinding, and going through dungeons, then the best idea is to turn to boost services, in which teams of professional players will be able to do it all for you. You can also buy gold ff14, with the help of which you can obtain almost everything in the game. This is a safe and legal service, which is used not only by beginners but also by veterans of the game to save their time. It’s also convenient because the support team can answer all your questions 24/7.

Let’s figure out what makes players enter this fantasy world again and again.

The system of houses and settlements

There are several settlements in the game, each in its biome and entourage. You can buy a dorm room there or a large full-fledged house.

The customization of houses here is at a very high level: you can put interior items in any place and twist them the way you want. You can change the wallpaper, floors, and ceilings, adjust the lighting system, and even the brightness of the lamps in the house. You can put a gramophone at home and play beautiful melodies from the game on it.

You are invisible when you are behind the mob

In many MMORPGs, mobs have their agro-radius. Final Fantasy 14 has a slightly different system: you can run behind a mob and it won’t notice you. And you can use it. Sometimes, some fast classes, like Ninja, can slip past enemies to the boss, thereby opening a shortcut for them. Though a trifle, but amazing and original.

Pets react to you

For the most part, MMORPG pets are small dummies that run around you and play various animations. In Final Fantasy 14, many small pets can sit on your shoulder, which will make you more pretentious. Also, some pets react to the emotions that you use on them.

Excellent photo modes

Photo mode in games is a separate pleasure for some players who like to find and capture the most beautiful landscapes and funny situations. In Final Fantasy, you can not just take a picture of a character, but also set a pose and facial expression, adjust the time of day, adjust the scale, add frames, and so on. And in the group shooting mode, you can loop emotions, adjust the background, and much more.

The ability to sit on any suitable object

This is another great feature for fans of beautiful screenshots in Final Fantasy 14. There are few games in which you can just pick up and sit on almost any object. When the “Sit Down” function is activated, your character will comfortably sit on a chair, an armchair, a bench, etc. This adds a lot of atmosphere to the game.

Emotions of standing and sitting

In this game, your character is not just a static figure without emotions: he has his character. For example, he can be formidable, funny, and mischievous. You can also set him in a standing position, you can even set up a pose change by timer, and he will change the standing and sitting posture at a given time.

Convenient teleport system

Many players complain about the system of cities in Final Fantasy 14 saying that one can get lost in them. But apparently, not everyone knows that when opening teleports, you won’t have to run around the city at all. The city is divided into several districts, and each can be accessed directly from the main teleport, and you can teleport from each district to another. Running around is completely unnecessary. Additionally, in each location in the game world, there are 1-2 teleports that allow you to move from any place to any location instantly.

Real Food System

Maybe it’s not so important for some, but the food in this game is extremely elaborate and detailed. Here you can see absolutely real ingredients. Almost all the recipes from the cookbook of the game you can repeat in real life.

Realistic physical properties

All the elements of your character, whether it’s fabric or hair, are subject to physical effects. Your clothes and hair will flatter, taking into account the direction of the wind, and will also get wet if you suddenly decide to refresh yourself in the river or get caught in the rain. It is another good plus to the atmosphere in Final Fantasy 14.

You can’t die from a fall

A bit absurd, especially considering the previous two very realistic features of the game. Nevertheless, this is quite an important feature. If you fall from a great height, you will have exactly 1 hp left. This is a very funny and even pleasant little thing that allows you to save time so as not to run around various mountains. This is a cheating way. Anyone familiar with the Final Fantasy series knows that this is a kind of local feature of the entire series.

Just keep one thing in mind: if you are in battle mode, then this function will not work, and your fall will lead to the death of the character.

Summing up, we can say that Final Fantasy XIV remained in the shadow of its main competitor – World of Warcraft for a long time, but then it attracted a lot of new players with its interesting mechanics and thrilling features. And all these are thanks to the constant improvement of the game and an excellent PR move from well-known streamers. The game has over 1,5 mln viewers on Twitch in a 30-days period. So if you haven’t played it – you should try.

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