What are some hacks to surviving long road trips in a car with kids?


The urge to explore the universe we live in, whether consciously or unconsciously is embedded in every one of us, especially kids. However, despite all the fun a road trip could offer, the inevitable ‘Are we there yet’ billion-dollar question, is something every kid quips in once they feel they are getting bored out. So we have made a list of tips: surviving long road trips in a car with kids!

But, it doesn’t have to be so. Yeah, if you would be going on say, a 20-hour road trip, you really don’t want it to be so. Well, we don’t too. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of hacks you would find helpful in dealing with your kids during long trips.

Surviving long road trips in a car with kids

1.   Drive at Night

Have you got a 2-year old kid whose cries are enough to distract you from the steering wheel? Drive at night. Not only does driving at night offers a serene, peaceful environment for your toddler to sleep comfortably in, but it also makes the journey a bit shorter due to decreased traffic rates.

2.   Tactfully Entertain Your Kids.

The concept of bringing some chocolate along for your kids is to distract them from the longevity of the journey for a brief distance. Since chocolates are very inviting, save it for the last.

Sing with them, play some games, bring along a few music tapes, take along your Intex Pillow Rest Airbed (click for review) in case they need to sleep as well. Do enough things to fill in the time gap and just when it seems as though you have exhausted all your sources of entertainment, pop out the goodies. This would be particularly helpful if you would be going in a small car as you may not have the luxury of bringing in so many goodies on board.

Above all, spend quality time with your kids. 

3.   Encourage Your Kids to be More Imaginative

Kids are known to have such a high level of imaginative prowess. However, it remains untapped in most. Luckily, a road trip could be the perfect way of starting up the imaginative chain reaction in your kid. Create an environment that is more imaginative-friendly.

This involves bringing on fewer electronics on the trip. An iPad or a piece of paper alongside a pen, to help them jot down what they think of would be great- Your kid might just think up a solution to a world challenge! This is a road trick that would be particularly useful or kids above six.

4.   Take Some Books Along

Have you ever tried reading a book while the winds coming through the window gushes past you? It’s a great feeling! And, your kids can experience it too.

Now, the thing you should be worried about is picking books your kids would love. And, that depends totally on your kid’s interest. Does your kid prefer comic movies to comedy movies? If so, get a comic book. Do your kids have an interest more in soccer than basketball? Take an autobiography of Lionel Messi. Just bring books they would like.

Moreover, reading is good for your kids’ brains.

5.   Calm Down; Take a Break.

Do not undermine how helpful breaks could be. Kids get more bored when they are static; in a car for hours- since their nature is a playful, move-around one.

And, yeah- map out your play spots. Check out your route for local eateries, museums, parks, playgrounds- just anywhere fancy where you can stretch your legs for a bit. When the kid gets back into the car, surely, your kid would be refreshed- as though the journey were just about to begin.

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