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Montreal Chimney Sweep – Can I still use my chimney?


You’re as lucky as lucky can be to see a chimney inspector & sweeper yearly!

  ‘Tis the season to have your chimney swept and maintained, before the cold weather rolls into town.

Does an oil furnace chimney need to be cleaned?

Everyone who heats with oil, gas or wood has a chimney. Yearly maintenance ensures the good working condition of your appliance and keeps your houshold safe. Get your chimney sweep today!

Can I use my wood fire place?

We hear this a lot. For those living in the city of Montreal the short answer is that you now need an low emission fireplace insert. These inserts still burn wood, and are designed to heat the house. Residents of Montreal can still use their old fireplace in the case of emergency, or a blackout of 3 hours or more. Please call Montreal Chimneys for more information and a free estimate for EPA certified low emissions fireplace insert.

For those who live in a de-merged city, you can still use your fireplace or wood stove as usual, whenever you want to!

Your chimney should be inspected by a professional yearly

Chimney sweeping is a historic profession which many think has gone extinct, however having your chimney cleaned and inspected is still important as ever.    Some common issues including animal nesting, soot build up, deteriorating brickwork & water damage can all be fixed by a chimney sweep.

We spoke to Valerie Adams of Montreal Chimneys, the only female chimney specialist in the region, about the fate of her profession:

“Wherever you live, chimney maintenance is still necessary to keep your home safe. Small repairs can make a big difference before damage gets worse and more expensive.” Says Valerie, who has over 15 years of experience, she goes on to explain, “If you are not going to use your fireplace we can seal the chimney flue with insulation and a metal crown to prevent cold drafts, and water infiltration. It will help to save on heating bills. Later, if you choose to upgrade we can easily re-open the crown and install a wood burning appliance that conforms to the new regulation.

What does it cost to have your chimney looked at?

It is important to get a professional to check the condition of your chimney yearly. Go outside and look up at your chimney. If you see bricks crumbling you should get that repaired before winter. A chimney crown and cap are also very important.”

Valerie is a popular chimney sweep servicing the island of Montreal and surrounding areas. Customers agree that her attention to detail, professionalism and cleanliness sets her apart from other companies. Montreal Chimneys includes a visual inspection with each chimney sweep and a free estimate for repairs.

Montreal Chimney sweeper

For more information on cleaning your chimney or anything related please e-mail

Montreal Chimneys


  You’re as lucky as lucky can be to see a chimney inspector & sweeper yearly!

By: Ryan Dohnalek Photos by: Nicholas Raymond Kropotkin

Montreal chimney
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Montreal Chimney
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