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Montreal ends parking grace period due to COVID-19


Montreal ends parking grace period – In order to facilitate travel and keep residents safe, Montréal announced on March 23 that residents-only street parking stickers that had expired would be considered valid until further notice in all boroughs. The closing of Accès Montréal offices during the pandemic made it impossible to renew parking stickers, so the city created an exceptional grace period during which no tickets were issued. The Accès Montréal offices reopened on July 13, more than a month ago. This temporary measure will end on Monday, August 31 at 11:59 p.m. Parking agents will show tolerance for a two-week period before they officially begin issuing tickets. Beginning September 15, 2020, tickets can then be issued if there are infractions to parking regulations.

Montreal ends parking grace period

In all boroughs, only people with a valid sticker can park in residents-only parking zones. Without a sticker, they will get a fine. Beginning September 1, 2020, it will once again be required to get or renew your parking sticker if you want to park in residents-only zones. To get, renew or replace a parking sticker, residents can use online services or go to the Accès Montréal office in their borough.


Get a residents-only parking sticker

Get, renew or replace a parking sticker

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