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Montreal presents plans for Camillien-Houde Way on Mount Royal


The city of Montreal announced their plans at a meeting on May 29th to make Camillien-Houde Way on Mount Royal safer for all users of the road. Major changes will take place and slowly executed starting in mid-June. One of the biggest changes will be turning the narrowest part of the road near the top of the mountain from what is now, a two-way street, to an alternating one-way lane – with a new traffic light controlling cars taking turns driving through from each direction. Cyclists and pedestrians will then have the use of the other lane, reserved only for them.

Bollards (vertical posts) will be installed along the center of the road, as well as speed bumps, larger shoulders on the sides of the road and more radar speed signs along the route – with the goal of deterring cars from making illegal U-turns and reducing the speed of both cars and cyclists. Along with the bollards, planters will also be installed with the intention of safely separating cyclists and cars. There will be more speed bumps on the western half of the road and the crosswalk near the lookout will be improved. As well, Mount-Royal Ave. at the corner of Camillien-Houde Way will be turned into one lane and the traffic light changes will be longer.

Mayor Plante stated at the meeting she was aware some Montrealers might be opposed to the measures, but that they will deter drivers from using Camillien-Houde Way as a shortcut through the city and it would be a first step in making the road more pleasant and secure for all. “What we are proposing today is all about security. How do we make sure there are no more accidents and that everybody has a safe access to the mountain?”

These changes were part of the recommendations made by the Office de Consultation Publique de Montréal after last summer’s pilot-project limiting car access on the mountain was reviewed and public consultations took place. Mayor Plante said these are short-term measures and a long-term plan to make Camillien-House more scenic will be discussed in the months to come.

MAP Camillien-Houde Way – City of Montreal
Camillien-Houde Way – Artist Rendition City of Montreal
By: Bonnie Wurst – info@mtltimes.ca
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