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5 things to do in Montreal


Montreal is one of Canada’s largest cities and it welcomes tons of visitors from around the world every year. As you would expect in a city of this size, there are tons of things to do, and it can often be hard to choose which attractions to visit if you only have a limited amount of time. In this article, you can find 5 things to do in Montreal on your next trip.

1. Visit the Casino

If you enjoy gambling online on sites like the Mansion Casino home page, why not try out the real thing at one of Montreal’s best casinos. Montreal has a few casinos to choose from but by far the best is the Casino de Montréal. This casino is based on Notre Dame Island and it’s a must-visit if you enjoy playing casino games or just eating great food and soaking up the atmosphere. If you’re stuck for something to do in the evening in Montreal, a night at the casino is always a fun way to pass some time.

2. Visit Mount Royal

Mount Royal is a volcanic related mountain on the outskirts of Montreal and its a great place to visit if you enjoy nature and the outdoors. On a clear day, you can enjoy views over the city on the mountain, and you can also enjoy some nature activities in the forest surrounding the area. This is a great spot for anyone who loves hiking, and it’s a really fun place to visit if you are traveling with children.

3. Walk Around Montreal Botanical Garden

If you love flowers and greenery then the Montreal botanical garden is definitely worth a visit. The Botanical garden is home to several smaller themed gardens such as a Japanese garden, Chinese garden, first nations garden, and an alpine garden. The botanical garden has won awards in previous years thanks to its unique and extensive collection of flowers and plants. The garden is open throughout the year, but it is best to visit on a sunny day.

4. Check Out The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

If art is your thing then The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts could be right up your street. It’s the largest art museum in Canada and it plays host to a range of interesting and inspiring exhibits. The museum is set across 5 different pavilions and also features an outdoor sculpture garden. If you have some time to spare, this museum is a definite must-see attraction.

5. Go on A Street Art Tour

Montreal’s art isn’t just confined to its esteemed gallery, it actually spills out onto the street. The area around St Laurent plays host to a range of interesting street art pieces and it’s a great area to explore if you love modern art and graffiti. The area is famous among locals, and you can book a tour guide to take you to the best spots and tell you all about the artists.

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