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What is the best meal kit delivery service in Montreal?


Food is a very important part of life. The basic need for life is food. It helps you to keep your body healthy and perform your daily works. Without food, you even won’t get the required energy to perform your daily functions. It is also a very important factor to make your day as it is strongly attached to the emotions of a person. This is why the main part of every festival or celebration is food. 

Now for those who stay outside their home for their profession and other reasons, it is very difficult to cook their meals every day for at least 4 times. Keeping this in mind various companies and small scale entrepreneurs have started delivering food door to door. This is the basic idea of a meal kit delivery service. These service companies serve the meal of your test and preference against a pre-fixed amount of money. There are lots of service companies in Montreal that serve the meal to people basically who are staying far from their home due to their job or study or for any other reason.

What is a Meal Kit Delivery System Actually?

The meal kit delivery system has flourished very widely throughout the country. These firms are run by local entrepreneurs. The subscribers have a wide variety of choices from the meal they can order. You can choose the type of meal you want to have for the week. In some cases, they deliver the ingredients to your doorstep with the recipes so that you can enjoy cooking yourself. They not only deliver your meals but you can get packaged semi-finished products from them. Even sometimes you can get the grocery items and vegetables from them.

How do the Meal Kits Look?

As meal kit delivery systems send you the rations for the week, so you will definitely look for the best delivery service from them. They deliver throughout Montreal and that’s why they never compromise with the quality of their service. You will receive your order in the insulated boxes if you order any kind of perishable item from them. The meats and fishes are frozen in the boxes and are packed with ice so that they don’t get rotten during the delivery. On the other hand, your rest materials come in air sealed bags so that you can store them in your fridge for the week. You just need to bring them out of the fridge and complete the rest of your preparation of food. The best part of these boxes is they are made in such a way that they keep your food cool and fresh irrespective of the conditions outside.

Why should People Afford a Meal Kit Delivery Service?

There are some basic causes of why people afford the meal kit delivery services.

  1. To get fresh and healthy food cooked in a homely environment.
  2. Affordable prices.
  3. Timely delivery.
  4. Good quality of food.
  5. Can order any amount and any dish.
  6. Properly packaged foods.
  7. Saves time for cooking.

Some of the Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

As per the meal kit delivery in Montreal reviews here are some of the best meal kit delivery firms.

  • Hello Fresh

One of the top meal delivery service companies in the state of Montreal. This company offers various types of food to subscribers. The starting price for their meal is $4 per serving. They serve you the best seasonal recipes made of the best veggies available in the market during the season. Sometimes you can order even the raw materials from them and they serve you the best quality ingredient at your doorsteps to cook your favorite meals. The visit to grocery stores is over and you can have a hassle-free cooking experience.

  • Good Food

It also serves you with the best quality foods and ingredients at your doorsteps. The meals they serve are of different tastes and you won’t feel bored with their cooking. You can also get cooking recipes from them so that you can do experiments on cooking. This is also very helpful for novice chefs. They also offer you a very low and affordable rate to you for each meal you order. They also have offers for their first-time customers of free meals.

  • Cook It

Your other mate in recipe delivery cooked it. Here you can get lots of recipes to choose from as per your taste. Not only this, but they also serve fresh ingredients to cook so that you can make your own food at your convenience. The best thing about their service is that you can cancel your order and they won’t charge you for this.

  • LiveFit Foods

One of the best food delivery services in Canada. The best part of their service is that they serve you food as per your goal of life. If you are health conscious and want to shed some pounds, then they will send you such foods which don’t increase much calories. On the other hand, you will be able to get those ingredients which are good for healthy meals if you want to cook your food yourself. You can get food for every time of your day like breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and so on.

  • Chef’s Plate

One of the most known meal delivery kit services is Chef’s plate. The rate may seem a bit high for you but they serve you with the best possible resources. They don’t send you such dishes which may make you bored of eating but they rotate the menu weekly. The people who order for the first time here get a benefit of 50% less cost if you order your food from this site.

  • Miss Fresh

This is one of the best food servers in Montreal. They also serve you with the best foods and ingredients. They provide rotations in meals for the subscribers. They have an option for the vegetarians also to order veggie foods from their firm.

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