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Little known tricks that will get you more YouTube views


YouTube has more than 1.8 billion active users every month. 1.5 billion YouTube videos are being watched by generation x every day. Do know that more than 320 million YouTube views occur on Mobile devices every day? Yes, that’s right! That’s almost 10% of the total of three billion views that YouTube receives each day. Today, in this article we will some teach you Tricks that will get you more YouTube views and best place to buy Youtube views.

YouTube views

Tricks that will get you more YouTube views

Share YouTube videos with good Captions

Annotations are a great way to link one video to another. This is a way to attract viewers to watch a different but similar kind of videos of yours, one after the other. You can also link a video to your playlist or YouTube channel. You can also add captions to your YouTube videos. Some of the most viewed videos on YouTube have annotations and captions on them. This allows you to prompt the users to like, comment or share your YouTube videos. This way the viewers will engage in your videos better and this will help increase your YouTube hearts.

Attract Subscribers to your YouTube Channel

Getting subscribers for your YouTube channel ensures that your videos will get a number of views. All subscribers will get to see all your newly uploaded videos on their home page. This increases the chances of them watching it. With a systematic plan, you can attract a large number of viewers to your YouTube channel. You can do this by appealing to subscribe at the end of each of your videos or you can also ask for subscriptions over mail. This can help in boosting up the number of viewers to your YouTube videos to a great extent. Offering a call to action in your videos will help to increase subscribers as well.

Keep your videos under 30 minutes

Most of the people who watch videos and movies on their mobile devices prefer movies which have short time duration and interesting topics. Movies under 30 minutes are preferred. The shorter the video is more are the chances of views are there.

Ask Your Audience what you want to see:

Good things happen when you ask your viewers what they want to see and make videos for them. You can also ask your friends to share your YouTube video among their social circles. Receiving comments on such posts proves beneficial in bringing in new viewers. So, ask your friends to leave a few and others will also get encouraged to view what your video has to tell.

Final Thoughts:

Getting more views on your videos is not a big deal when you buy YouTube views for your videos. Make sure you start including videos into your marketing plans. You’ll see your business spanning horizons and soaring above your competitors. You get an edge over the rest of the competitors in your industry through getting huge subscribers’ base. Share your thoughts in comments below!

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