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4 ways to appear on your followers’ Instagram explore page


Instagram explore page – What good is an Instagram account that doesn’t reach out to its followers? You may be an active brand on Instagram, but your followers might not necessarily know it. You see, Instagram’s new algorithm displays only the relevant newsfeeds to the readers by default (aka Top feeds). While users can always switch to the Most Recent mode, you don’t want to run the risk of getting ignored by Instagram and in turn, lose the opportunity to engage with your followers. To intensify your agony, your followers would be too busy in their social circle to go through the trouble of visiting your Instagram profile just to find out what’s new. Why? Because, it lacks everything they might want to see, or perhaps the very reason they became followers in the first place!

Instagram explore page
Montreal Times instagram wall

Repeat behind me “short is the life of customer loyalty, my friends.” The good news, on the other hand, is that you can fight your way through the algorithm and get noticed with a few simple techniques. Although nobody knows how the algorithm works, we know for sure that one way to reach out to your followers is to increase the engagement level on your post updates. Hence, if your post gets a lot of comments or even ‘likes’ from other people, the chances of that post reaching your top newsfeed become higher. Here are 4 ready-to-drink techniques on how you can appear on Instagram’ explore page of your followers.

Ask simple questions

Don’t ask questions that require an in-depth response – unless you’re Mashable or you need your followers’ thorough analysis and proposition. But if it’s the greater visibility you’re looking for, ask simple questions that require a simple answer. For instance, instead of asking, ‘What is your opinion about our new line of jeans?’ you could just ask ‘Do you like our new line of jeans?’

Target your posts according to your market

Instagram has some really neat options that can help you target a particular segment of your audience. Imagine the possibilities of how you can use this tool to reach to your right audience. You can also increase engagement by buying Instagram likes. The more your post gets likes, the more you have chances to get featured on the explore page of Instagram.

Be Polite

A simple request to like your status could do wonders in augmenting to the visibility for that post. Here’s a word of caution, just don’t overdo it! You don’t want your followers to feel that you’re desperate. A casual and polite post such as, “We’ll be starting a new blog targeted exclusively for our female followers. Hit the like button if you think it’s a good idea’ would have surprisingly pleasing results.

Reward your followers

This is the oldest trick in the book, and still one of the most popular ones. Yours owe your followers big time for getting that level of publicity you came to achieve, so why not reward them with something as promotional deals as a sign of gratitude? Offers such as free giveaways, discounts, and free coupons not only increase the chances of repeat visits and but, once blended in the right proportion, also shows that you care for your followers and strive to maintain a relationship with them; the key to accomplishing a successful engagement with your followers.

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