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The benefits of sales territory mapping


As companies and enterprises have become more data-driven and analytical, there has been an increase in sales businesses investing in territory mapping software. Such software help enhance and improve their sales performance.

Meaning, businesses are searching for ways or means to make sales data uncomplicated and straightforward to digest. They would like to analyze the info and obtain insights about over-serviced territories and market gaps.

Sales territory mapping can benefit your sales team in many ways. A lot of sales managers have to boost or enhance performance with minimal resources. And sales territory mapping is key to getting these targets. For a little help, we will walk you through the benefits of sales territory mapping. Take a read!

Reduce Cost and Increase in Sales

The main objectives for any sales team are to make the best use of time sales representatives spend selling and make sure that they sell the correct product to the right people. Sales territory mapping will result in even workloads for your sales team, giving them with towering earning potential, career satisfaction, and boosted morale.

All of these can lead to lower staff turnover, higher motivation, and above all, more sales. Moreover, sales territory mapping offers travel optimization capabilities, increasing the number of people that the field sales team can accommodate, enhance fuel efficiency, and reduce travel costs.

Assess Performance Through Analytics and Reporting

When the data of your sales territory is conceptualized with mapping software such as alignmix.com, there is plenty of analytical tools to leverage. It includes various performance reporting alternatives.

Sales territory mapping software allows data marked on a map to cluster into a merged view of performance. You can filter and segment data, segregating sales of below or above a particular value.

Furthermore, you can overlay geographic and demographic data to determine insights or deep intuitive understanding in your market. Every member of your sales team can make reports, study their own areas, and gauge their performance versus the targets. Then, you can share these reports with managers and colleagues.

Data Visualization

Data visualization allows you to easily visualize and optimize the data from your spreadsheets and CRM. With an interactive map, you can undoubtedly identify the hidden insights in your spreadsheets, for example, under or over-server territories.

Perceiving a territory in many different ways lets you see the granular detail and bigger picture. For instance, you can filter your data having market characteristics as a basis. Also, you can zoom in or take a close-up view of the details.

Assign Work Through Rankings

Territory rankings let managers delegate and collaborate more effectively. Every person of your sales team, from regional managers to sales representatives, can easily see and monitor their territories.

Say, for instance, the territory hierarchy will display the locations of each person accountable for within the company. At the highest level, you could see two Vice Presidents of sales. One is managing the West Coast and the other the East Coast.

On the other hand, you could see the regional managers at a lower level managing the smaller areas. On the last level, you can see individual sales representatives in each region.

Boost Sharing And Collaboration Within Your Sales Team

For field sales teams, smooth and continuous collaboration is paramount. As such, cloud-based solutions permit these remote sales teams to quickly collaborate on the interpretation of their territories from in or to any place.

For instance, members of a remote sales team can include their latest leads or sales, and data on a day-to-day basis. It helps the sales team to maintain or keep up-to-date, complete territories.

Save Time

Sales territory mapping software must be engineered with simplicity and proficiency in mind. It must be available from any devices connected to the internet at all times. And all you need to do is to have an updated internet browser. Then, you can turn the data of your business into a valuable map in no time.

Plus, your salesforce can access these interactive maps wherever they are and at any time, so long as they’re connected to the internet. Additionally, the workloads of your employees will lessen, allowing them to make more sales for the business.


In every business operation, sales are very important. Without sales, then you’d have no business. Therefore, it is crucial to make the best use of the efforts of your salesforce. And it can be possible or feasible with sales territory mapping.

A sales territory mapping is an all-important and popular tool for sales organizations. It can help your salespeople and managers to learn the potentials and customers of a particular area.

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