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Why you need to use Online Torrent Client?


Finding the best torrent isn’t easy at all. Favourite torrent isn’t everything you want; there is another tool which is also essential to let you enjoy the torrent. Online torrent client downloader software helps you to extract the actual music, movie or software on your system.

It is very important to download torrent downloader and then access your torrents through them for better results. Bitbigs is one of the best online torrent client available.

Use of Online Torrent clients is extremely safe

Bitbigs is a online torrent client downloader software which is used for both uploading and downloading files. While downloading a file from torrenting websites, your IP gets tracked. There are some cases when the internet service provider has banned or put restriction over the particular torrent site.

But in some cases, the ISP might track down your IP and fine or penalize you for violating the rules. Government authorities might take action against you or you could even be termed as a culprit for violating copyright rules. Beware of falling prey to such ugly situations.

Online Torrent Clients with VPN services

It is imperative to set up a VPN because due to piracy, torrents have a bad reputation but torrents aren’t illegal in themselves. They have lots of legitimate users. The downloading open-source software and material that’s in the public domain are all legal with the use of torrents. If the torrent is legal or not depends on the content you are downloading. If a file has the permission from the copyright holder to be shared this way, then it’s fine and legal. You’d otherwise have to pay for is not legal for using torrents to download content.

Use of a VPN while using Bitbigs online torrent client helps you to remain safe and anonymous. No one can see what you’re reading or downloading not even your ISP or the VPN service itself with the use of VPN. It encrypts all your internet activity and passes it through a secure tunnel. VPN is mostly used to unblock sites that are blocked in your regions. They gave access to anybody for foreign versions of Netflix. There are many VPN services which work effectively.  Most of these services are available in reasonable prices with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Little Drawbacks of Torrent Clients

You will not be able to download the file if the file has no ‘seeds’. If the file is not permitted from its copyright owner then it will be difficult and illegal to download that file with the use of torrent.

It is very difficult to tell what the file you are downloading contains. To verify whether the file is genuine or not quickly scan the comment section. If the file has positive feedback then it generally means that the file is good.

If you are downloading and uploading the file at the same time take its toll on your bandwidth. You should not be worried if you have a fast Internet connection.

Everybody downloading the torrent can see your public IP address. Your ISP or digital copyright groups are also disclosed. To protect your privacy while using torrents, set up the best VPN service.

Important points you need to know about Online Torrent Clients

The decentralized process is used by P2P which means that the file you are downloading is not hosted on a main central server. You can rely on other sources to complete the download if one download source is not active. For regular downloads, you will not be able to finish the download process if the main server is down. Sites like Piratebay Proxy makes streaming full of fun.

With the use of Bitbigs online torrent client, you will be able to complete the download even if you suddenly are disconnected from the Internet or your PC shuts down/restarts once you’re back online. There is no need to restart from scratch.

The users with slow Internet speeds, torrents are the best tool to download a file faster than using the ‘traditional’ download process. Files are easy to find and download with the help of torrents clients.

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