What are the most common household pests that you can find in Montreal?

common household pests

Pest infestations are common problems, with pests causing significant damage to properties. Common household pests infest properties at a higher frequency than other pests. Thus, they pose significant threats.

Knowing the common household pests in an area is important in effecting the most suitable methods of getting rid of the critters. If you live in an area prone to a particular pest infestation, it is only natural that you adopt preventative measures. In this article, we highlight some of the most common pests in Montreal.

Rats and mice

These are some of the commonest household pests in Montreal. They maximize their small sizes to infest properties and cause significant damage. Rats and mice can infest homes through tiny cracks and crevices. They can also come in through gaps around windows and doors.

Rats and mice can cause significant destruction to the structures of properties. They also pose a bigger threat of spreading different serious diseases. Mice and rat infestations can be prevented by making the property unappealing to the critters and limiting all forms of access. If they have already infested, trapping rodents is the best way to get rid of them.


The night-crawling raccoons are common pests in Montreal residential areas. They infest these areas because they are sure of a constant supply of food and shelter. The critters are capable of causing extensive damage in homes. They also carry diseases like rabies and can put you and your family and pets at risk of these diseases.

Signs of raccoon infestations include scratching noises from attics. They also make chattering noise, mostly at night and in backyards. You may also find droppings that look like those of dogs around your home.

Raccoons are known for the significant damage they can cause in attics. They can destroy insulations and even create fire hazards. That’s why it is important to prevent raccoons from getting in your home in the first place.


Squirrels are common rodent pests that infest Montreal properties. The rodents infest homes when there aren’t sufficient shelter options for them in the wild. If squirrels do not find enough trees to live in, they will infest homes.

The critters infest homes through entry points like chimneys and vents. They also use trees as bridges for accessing properties. They could also be drawn to a property because of the presence of bird feeders.


Termites are insect pests with the potential for a huge scale of destruction. The critters can infest properties and remain undetected for long periods while they cause significant damage in the area. Termites are drawn to wood and will infest properties as long as there is a loophole. The loopholes which the critters apply include tiny cracks and crevices.

Signs of termite infestations include wood shavings, termite tubes, and physical sightings of the critters as well as their wings. Methods of controlling and eliminating termites include the creation of a physical or chemical barrier.

Although termites do not carry diseases, infestations are typically associated with structural destruction. Large-scale structural destruction is particularly associated with termite infestations because their colonies can have a large number of members.


Montreal homes and properties are commonly infested by ants. The common ant species include carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, black field ants, and pavement ants. These insects infest homes in search of food and shelter.

Of the different ant species, carpenter ants are known for the level of damage they cause. Ants can infest homes and property through tiny cracks and crevices. They also infest properties through tunnels.


Cockroaches are commonly found in Montreal homes. They seek food and shelter in the different kinds of Montreal properties. They are hardy insects and will apply the tiniest of entry points to infest a property. They also eat anything available and can establish themselves in an area for long periods.

The small critters are known as filthy creatures. They can carry different types of diseases and have an offensive smell. They can also be quite difficult to control.


Fleas are especially a threat to pet owners as they can attach to pets and infest properties that way. They infest homes because of the warmth and food sources they offer. These insects spread diseases and can endanger your health as well as that of your pet. 

The common household pests in Montreal pose a significant problem for homeowners. These pests can cause significant destruction and spread diseases. When they establish large populations in an area, they can also be difficult to control.  

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