Top reasons why every business should use yard signs for local advertising

yard signs for local advertising

Other things being equal, it is the quality and effectiveness of advertising that makes the biggest difference to the success of any business. Unfortunately, even though many local businesses offer excellent products and services with a personal touch, potential customers are not aware of them since they cannot afford to advertise using traditional advertising media like newspapers, billboards, TV, etc. In this context, even though it is low technology, yard signs deliver excellent results and a very high return on investment. Some of the top reasons why you should consider yard signs for advertising your local business:

yard signs for local advertising
yard signs for local advertising

Ability to target specific local audiences

The unfortunate fact about conventional advertising is that not only is it expensive but also it is seen by people who fall outside the footprint of your business. You can only expect to get customers who are not in your locality if you offer something exclusive because most of them will not be traveling a long distance to get something that they can find with easy reach. A study reported in Forbes, observes that most customers like to travel 20 minutes or less to shop for daily essentials. The beauty of yard signs is that they are displayed in locations close to your business and target customers who can easily reach you. The wastage of your investment is nil.

Extremely Affordable

Most conventional advertising can be far too costly for local businesses to afford, which is why they invariably never advertise in the newspapers, TV, radio, or even billboards. Lawn signs are extremely cheap and you can buy them in large numbers for display in the proximity of your store. Typically, you will not have to pay anything for the space and there is no recurring cost of maintenance. Apart from selecting the locations, getting the permission of the owners of the space, and buying the yard signs, there is no other need for planning, production, scheduling, and tracking them unlike paid advertising in other media.

Easy way of boosting brand awareness 

For businesses operating out of only one location, yard signs are a great device for spreading brand awareness. It generates a buzz around your business that leads to further word-of-mouth recommendations. When you use yard signs, you are seen as a part of the local community, and it is natural for the local population to try to support you in your endeavours. Further, the interaction you may have with your neighbours at the time of requesting permission to put up the yard signs also acts to encourage customer support. Yard signs are a personal way of reaching out to customers. It suggests that people in your locality have acknowledged your business and are willing to support it.


Yard signs are among the most effective advertising methods for local businesses and deliver a very high ROI because of their low cost, zero maintenance, and extended life. However, to get the most out of them, you need to design them right. Use bright colours and high contrast large text without any complicated designs. Do include a CTA and place them in positions that have good visibility.

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