Just for Laughs reviews 2022 – Randy Feltface, Midnight Surprise and Rad Dads Forever

Just for Laughs reviews

Just for Laughs reviews – Randy Feltface is the type of performing puppet that you would never have seen in a past episode of Sesame Street or the Muppet Show (in fact, he is more like an anti-Muppet), and we as audience members are much glad for that.

The purple-faced Australian puppet with the observational comedy style (and constant rage) of Lewis Black is back with his new show “Alien of Extraordinary Abilities”, in which he offered his full house audience his version of a deathbed confession. 

Through instances of hidden history, loud and manic delivery and wild gesticulating, Randy offers his take on his unusual life and the shape of the universe today and how it got that way. From his anti-Disney World song that started the show, to his opinions on vaccines, critically endangered species, defecating gekkos, Australians, moral injury and coffee drinkers, Randy never failed to provide a steady stream of raucous, quick-get-me-the-oxygen laughs from the audience. And his dissection of the Liam Neeson thriller movie The Commuter was a hilarious highlight. And the ending neatly ties up the show so perfectly.

So if you want to see how a puppet can keep you entertained in a non-kids’ show manner, spend an uproarious hour with Randy Feltface.

Just For Laughs’ Midnight Surprise show

Since its beginnings nearly a decade ago, Just For Laughs’ Midnight Surprise show is a perfect showcase for night owl comedy fans, and they always lived up to their billing. 

This year’s edition is no exception. And the element of surprise in which that night’s line-up, whether they are comics who are offering a piece of their routine from another JFL show they are currently performing at, or testing out material for an upcoming appearance, is not known to the audience until the moment they appear onstage, is the main reason to it’s enduring appeal.

On the show I attended, it got off to a good start with host Rhys Nicholson, who is performing his own solo show at the festival. He entertained the full house crowd with his take on hot weather in Montreal, vague porn, COVID in Australia and why weddings are like a school play.

Other highlights included Liza Treyger, who once again displayed her mastery of crowd word, Zainab Johnson talked about the connection between candy and kidnapping; Paul Rabliauskas gave his take about wolves pervading the reservation he lives in Manitoba,as well as street gangs and what it’s like to rob a Pharmaprix (Shoppers’ Drug Mart); and Randy Feltface offered those lucky audience members some excerpts from his hot solo show Alien of Extraordinary Abilities.

Midnight Surprise continues throughout the week and as the word of mouth gets stronger, tickets will be selling fast. So forget your bedtime this week and treat yourself to a midnight surprise.

Rad Dads Forever

A vivid example that the local comedy scene is indeed alive and well is Rad Dads Forever, which concluded its run as part of the Zoofest/OFF-JFL series. Co-creators/co-hosts (and recent dads) Walter J. Lyng and Reese Turner, for the third year, presented three local comics who also share the joys of fatherhood, whether it be for the past few months or the past few years; and the common denominator with the routines presented by Lyng, Turner, Morgan O’Shea, Lawrence Corber and headliner Derek Seguin was how they dealt with their family patron roles during the pandemic. This line-up was strong and subsequently got stronger with each comic, which ended up with a riotous crescendo with Seguin and his routine about impulse shopping at Costco.

Rad Dads Forever proved that the local comedy scene is continuing to develop and nurture hometown comedians that deserve our continuing patronage and support. And during a brief conversation after the show, Lyng revealed that he is considering to include uncles for Rad Dads X. When I told him that I am an uncle but not a comic, Lyng quickly replied that I have plenty of time to work on a routine by the time the tenth edition rolls around.

For more information about, or to purchase tickets for, any Just For Laughs show, go to www.hahaha.com .

Stuart Nulman
By: Stuart Nulman – info@mtltimes.ca

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