5 different escape room challenges to try


Though the first interactive, real-life escape room opened in Budapest, Hungary in 2010, they’ve taken the world by storm. Today, there are 2,800+ escape rooms all over the world. 

Are you familiar with escape room challenges? They’re exactly what the name implies; the goal is to find a way to escape. 

If you’re looking for something more fun to do and a notch up from a sports bar or a movie, consider visiting an escape room.

Escape room puzzles can keep your gang entertained and intrigued. And it’s a great bonding experience. 

What types of puzzles set escape rooms apart? Let’s take a look at the different escape room challenges that’ll test your brain.

1. Hidden Clues

You’ve seen this in the movies a number of times; there’s something hidden behind a painting or a bookshelf. 

In any escape room, always check behind the objects hanging on the wall. 

You may find a safe, a clue in invisible ink, or an envelope containing a written clue. 

2. Get in Order

You’re given 4 or 5 objects that are somehow related. Then, it’s your job to put them in order. 

Try one way and if that doesn’t work, try the opposite. For example, if you have items with dates on them, try them in chronological order. If that’s not it, then try them backward. 

3. Secret Doors

Who doesn’t love a secret door hidden behind a bookshelf or false wall? It’s especially fun when you find one accidentally. 

Look around the room for anything that looks like it might be hiding something and you may find your secret door with hidden clues behind it. 

You can sometimes find them by waving your hand in front of an object on the wall. If you see something that looks electronic, try passing in front of it and see what happens. 

4. Shadow Puzzles

These puzzle types can be lots of fun. For example, you have to shine a light just right on scrambled letters or words to discover the clue. 

The shadow clues can lead you to the next destination. 

5. Math Equations

These puzzles for escape rooms can sometimes hurt your brain. Not all of us are math geeks, but you’ll usually find one in the crowd.

Most likely, you’ll be calling on your algebra skills to solve an equation that’ll give you the clue you need. 

Whether it’s a word problem or symbols and variables that coincide with clues, you’ll have to use your collective thinking skills to move on to the next step. 

What Type of Escape Room Challenges Will Work for You? 

Now that you know the different types of escape room challenges, which one is the best fit for your group or team? Which challenge will bring out your group members’ competitive nature? 

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